Doctorado en ciencias de recursos naturales


natural Sciences


Earth sciences and environment

Universidad de La Frontera

University of La Frontera

  • City: Temuco,
  • Commune: Temuco,
  • Region: Araucanía Region

The Program has explicit objectives and graduation profile. The character that is intended to print to the graduate is multidisciplinary with a strong component towards technology, which seeks the training of graduates in interface areas between food production, biotechnology in agri-food production, energies derived from natural resources, bioprocesses for sustainability of agriculture and the environment and the chemical and biological mechanisms that allow generating behavioral models and innovating in the synthesis and obtaining of new products derived from Natural Resources.

Applicant Profile

Be in possession of the degree of Bachelor, professional title or Master of Science in disciplines related to the sciences of natural resources such as biological, chemical, agricultural, forestry, biotechnological sciences and others related to these topics.

Graduate profile

Graduates of the Program will have an integrative vision in the field of soil, water and plant chemistry and biology, and their relationship with plant production, as well as in the conservation, prevention and bioremediation of the contamination of these natural resources. They will be able to generate and maintain lines of research and join the existing academic cadres in the different universities of the country.

Lines of investigation

Lines of investigation:
Microbiology of Natural Resources
Soil Sustainability and Environmental Bioremediation
Nutrition and Plant Physiology
Environmental Biotechnology
Ecological Chemistry and Bioproducts
Agrifood Bioprocesses and Functional Foods
Manejo de Residuos Agroindustriales y Bioenergía
Water Resources and Environmental Ecology