Doctorado en ciencias de materiales e ingeniería de procesos


Engineering and Technology


Materials Engineering

Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana

Metropolitan Technological University

  • City: San Joaquín,
  • Commune: Santiago,
  • Region: Metropolitan Region

To train Doctors in Materials Sciences and Process Engineering, capable of carrying out research of excellence in an autonomous and creative way, who are part of interdisciplinary teams and who can face challenges in their own fields, generating and applying frontier knowledge

Applicant Profile

1. Bachelor's degree or higher degree in the areas of Sciences and Technologies and / or Professional Title of careers in the area of Science and Technology associated with materials, from institutions recognized by the Ministry of Education or its equivalent scale for applicants of foreign origin.
2. Certify a grade point average greater than or equal to 5.0 in their tertiary education.

Graduate profile

The graduate of the Doctorate in Materials Sciences and Process Engineering of the Metropolitan Technological University stands out for being a researcher of the highest academic level who develops original research on Materials Science and Technology new or improved, and its application in sustainable production processes.
Along with this, the graduate develops competencies in the disciplinary domains of Materials Science and Technology, where they apply physicochemical theories to examine their properties, distinguishing the different conventional and advanced synthesis and characterization techniques. In addition, he / she is trained to apply the knowledge of Engineering Sciences in the improvement of physical, chemical and biological processes.
The program contains electives and seminars that allow students to have an interdisciplinary approach to develop competencies in design, innovation and optimization of materials through computational tools. In the same way, the program focuses on research in Materials Science, applying theories and methodologies of the basic sciences and develops applied research using technologies currently in use in the chemical industry, agribusiness, mining and water resources.
Students are distinguished for their skills in effective communication where they design oral and written speeches related to their disciplinary field and develop communication skills in English to interact in both personal and social situations. In addition, he develops strategies to integrate continuous learning, solving emerging problems in his disciplinary field in an innovative way. Additionally, students have a marked appreciation of Science and Technology where they evaluate their contribution to society and collaborative work in interdisciplinary environments, considering technological tools that provide solutions to problems inherent to their disciplinary field and the principles of sustainability. .
The graduate may be inserted developing cutting-edge research in academia, research centers or industries with an interest in R&D. You will also be able to carry out the free exercise of your academic degree, contributing with a comprehensive vision in the design and application of materials in priority areas such as the chemical industry, agribusiness, mining and water resources.Move the frontier of knowledge in an industry and impact its productivity.
Formulate and manage research projects with defined resources and deadlines;
Effectively employ knowledge and cognitive skills in a professional context;
Collect feedback from the company and participate in development teams;
Deploy transversal skills in a professional field.

Lines of investigation

Research Line 1: High performance computing for the analysis of materials with technological projection.

Research Line 2: Synthesis, characterization and Application of materials.

Research Line 3: Application of materials for the engineering development of processes.