Doctorado en ciencias de la ingenieria mencion en automatica


Engineering and Technology


Other Engineering and Technologies

Universidad de Santiago de Chile

University of Santiago, Chile

  • City: Central Station,
  • Commune: Santiago,
  • Region: Metropolitan Region

a) Promote Automation at the national level as a multidisciplinary area of Engineering Sciences.
b) To train graduates who contribute to the scientific-technological development of Automation, in the research-academic field.
c) Contribute to the training of researchers in the area of Automation to strengthen research teams in Engineering Sciences, or multidisciplinary research teams that need to be incorporated into this discipline.
d) Promote research projects that generate contributions to the knowledge of Engineering Sciences in the area of Automation.

Applicant Profile

Previous training in any of the engineering areas compatible with Automation
a) Adequate command of the English language at the literacy level
b) Possibilities of dedication compatible with the requirements of the Doctorate
c) Motivation, interest and projections for research in the Automation area, according to the lines developed in the Program

Graduate profile

a) Generate solutions and innovative proposals to Engineering problems associated with Automation, responsibly contributing to the strengthening of research and technological development in the area.
b) Rigorously model, design, simulate, and optimize processes and systems related to the Automation area.
c) Develop, coordinate, and participate in research projects, both in the area of Automation and Engineering Sciences in general, as well as multidisciplinary projects in a collaborative and / or autonomous way.
d) Disseminate orally and in writing the knowledge generated, truthfully and honestly through the national and international scientific means of dissemination.

Lines of investigation

1. Robotics and Control 2. Communications and energy systems