Doctorado en ciencias de la ingenieria, con mencion informatica


natural Sciences


Computing and Information Sciences

Universidad de Santiago de Chile

University of Santiago, Chile

  • City: Central Station,
  • Commune: Santiago,
  • Region: Metropolitan Region

a) Strengthen knowledge in the discipline and in scientific research
b) Encourage student participation in activities and research groups of international level at the University of Santiago, in the area of Computer Science applications
c) Expand the application frontiers of Computer Science.

Applicant Profile

Be in possession of the degree of Bachelor of Science, in Engineering Sciences, in Applied Engineering, the degree of Master in Engineering Sciences, Master in Engineering or possess, in the opinion of the Committee, an equivalent training that enables the applicant to fulfill satisfactorily with the work plan.

Graduate profile

a) Conceive and evaluate solutions to research problems through the scientific method
b) Identify, formulate and model novel and relevant problems in the area of application.
c) Contextualize the research work in the discipline and its potential impacts
d) Formulate and lead research projects
e) Communicate research results effectively

Lines of investigation

1. Biology and medicine
2. Web-based systems
3. Complex systems