Doctorado en ciencias de la comunicación


social Sciences


Journalism and Communications

Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (Casa Central)

Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (Central House)

  • City: Santiago,
  • Commune: Santiago,
  • Region: Metropolitan Region

To train researchers capable of creating new knowledge regarding relevant problems of mediated communications, capable of performing in the various fields and theoretical and practical levels of the discipline. The contents of the program are related to the specialties of its professors and the research lines of the Faculty.

Applicant Profile

Be in possession of the academic degree of bachelor or master granted by Chilean universities. In case of having academic degrees of foreign origin, these must be equivalent to those mentioned above.

Graduate profile

The graduate of the program will be a high-level researcher, competent to contribute with new and significant knowledge in the discipline in an autonomous way, capable of addressing communicational problems with an interdisciplinary approach when appropriate, with an ethical, critical, creative sense and consideration for the good. common.

The UC Doctor in Communications may investigate, collaborate in the formulation of public policies or improve the professional practice of communications, depending on the area of development of his thesis.

Lines of investigation

Journalism Studies

Communication and Digital Technology

Media industry

Media industry

Advertising, Consumption and Culture