Doctorado en ciencias con mención en física


natural Sciences


Physical sciences

Universidad de Chile

University of Chile

  • City: Santiago,
  • Commune: Santiago,
  • Region: Metropolitan Region

The purpose of this Program is to train graduates of the highest level, suitable to independently carry out original research within their discipline, the results of which constitute a substantial contribution to frontier knowledge in physics. Such research work should generate results that are publishable in mainstream indexed journals.

Applicant Profile

People who are in possession of a Bachelor or Master of Science degree, Physical Mention or an academic degree or a professional title that includes a Bachelor's degree and who, in the opinion of the Academic Committee, accredits satisfactory previous training for the purposes and requirements of the Program.

Graduate profile

Graduates will have a solid conceptual command of general physics, as well as an in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of their area of specialty. They will have developed skills to clearly and accurately present the acquired knowledge and the results of their research work, both verbally and in writing. They will have the power to work independently and in a group

Lines of investigation

1.- Condensed matter
2.- Nuclear physics
3.- Surface physics
4.- Magnetism
5.- Plasma physics
6.- Nonlinear physics and complex systems
7.- Statistical physics
8.- Fluids
9.- Atomic and molecular physics
10.- Relativity and astrophysics
11.- Non-linear optics
12.- Matter out of balance.