Doctorado en ciencias agrarias


Agricultural science


Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Universidad Austral de Chile

Austral University of Chile

  • City: Valdivia,
  • Commune: Valdivia,
  • Region: Los Ríos Region

The general objective of the Program is the scientific training of professionals related to Agricultural Sciences, enabling them to manage, execute and communicate relevant and pertinent research in the area of Agricultural Sciences with conceptual and methodological autonomy.
The specific objectives are:
a) To scientifically train doctoral students, so that they autonomously manage and communicate relevant and pertinent research in their respective fields of performance of Agricultural Sciences.
b) Engage the doctoral student in multidisciplinary research with sciences related to Agricultural Sciences.
c) Emphasize the value component in the scientific actions of the doctoral students, considering the emerging social and environmental demands in the national and global agricultural sector.
d) To train doctors in a wide spectrum of Agricultural Sciences with an emphasis on the areas of Plant Sciences, Livestock Sciences and Soil Sciences.
e) To train doctors trained to direct and investigate in departments of applied technological creation for companies in the agricultural sector.

Applicant Profile

University graduates from the area of Agricultural Sciences or a related science may apply, in accordance with the established in current university legislation. To enter the Program, they must first complete the information requested in the University's online application system, which can be accessed either through the Program's web page or through the postgraduate web page, attaching the following documents:
Degree Certificate that proves to be in possession of the academic degree of Bachelor, Master in a discipline related to Agricultural Sciences.
Three letters of recommendation, issued by academics of recognized prestige, in which the preparation, intellectual and work capacity and the aptitude of the applicant are made explicit.
Letter from the interested party supporting their application, indicating the area of Agricultural Sciences, in which they would like to carry out their research and thesis.
Curriculum Vitae duly documented.
Grades card.
Grade ranking certificate.
Those applicants who have studied abroad must present their legalized academic background. In qualified cases, a proficiency test in Spanish may be required.

Graduate profile

Graduates of the Doctoral Program in Agricultural Sciences will master the fundamentals of agricultural systems and the scope of Agricultural Sciences and will be competent to formulate and develop creative and independent scientific research. On the other hand, they will have the ability to analyze and communicate the knowledge acquired, evaluating the scope and projection of a line of research.
Graduates of the Doctoral Program in Agricultural Sciences can join the academy at Universities, Research Centers and Scientific Foundations, among other entities. Likewise, you can practice independently through consultancies, consultancies and / or the development of multi or interdisciplinary research and / or development projects.

Lines of investigation

In the Plant Sciences area, two lines of research have been defined:
-Genetics and Plant Physiology and Annual Crops.
-Production and Health of Perennial Crops.

In the area of Soil Sciences, two main lines of research have been defined:
-Functionality of the soil system of agricultural ecosystems.
-Management of nutrients, toxic minerals and water in agroecosystems.

In the Livestock Sciences area, two lines of research have been defined: -
-Nutrition and animal feed.
-Ecophysiology, production and use of forage resources.