Doctorado en ciencia y tecnologia de los alimentos


Engineering and Technology


Other Engineering and Technologies

Universidad de Santiago de Chile

University of Santiago, Chile

  • City: Central Station,
  • Commune: Santiago,
  • Region: Metropolitan Region

The specific objectives of the Program are:
a) Advance in the generation, transfer and feedback of knowledge in the area of Food Science and Technology for the growth and development of the country.
b) Generate spaces for discussion, proposal and innovation in a dialogue to solve problems in the agri-food sector.

Applicant Profile

a) Possess a Bachelor's or Master's degree in a specialty related to the area of Food Science and Technology.
b) Verify a level of basic English oriented to literacy. This will be evidenced by means of a document that endorses the training in English during their academic training, or an accreditation issued by specialized centers or institutions, or the rendering of a diagnostic test.

Graduate profile

Graduates of the Food Science and Technology Doctoral Program will be able to:
a) Apply knowledge in the areas of physical and structural properties of food, and food biotechnology; in addition to deepening knowledge in areas of food technology / engineering and food science.
b) Formulate and develop research and technological innovation projects in multidisciplinary teams that involve updating and integrating scientific-technological knowledge.
c) Carry out project evaluation, advice and expertise in the area of food science and technology, interpreting, modifying and executing work methodologies in the area of Food Science and Technology.
d) Communicate the research results truthfully and honestly through national and international scientific means of dissemination.

Lines of investigation

1. Physical and structural properties of food 2. Food Containers and Packaging Systems 3. Food Microbiology and Biotechnology 4. Food Science