Doctorado en ciencia políticas


social Sciences


Political Sciences

Universidad Diego Portales

Diego Portales University

  • City: Santiago,
  • Commune: Santiago,
  • Region: Metropolitan Region

Training academics / how to analyze, in a rigorous, objective and plural way, political systems and comparative institutions, Chilean politics and political economy.

Applicant Profile

The program is aimed at professionals in the area

Graduate profile

Train academics with the ability to develop political research autonomously and up-to-date.
Contribute to the generation and dissemination of original knowledge from a plurality of theoretical and methodological perspectives.
Enable students as students to serve as university teachers, as and to analyze political systems and comparative institutions, Chilean politics and political economy

Lines of investigation

Research Design: This seminar prepares / as students for the development of a research in political science, which will eventually be the thesis project and the doctoral thesis. In doing so, you emphasize the other stages of research design.
Qualitative and mixed methods: The central objective of this method is to know the most appropriate methods for political science, allowing students to be specific in identifying their strengths, weaknesses, applications and relevance.
Quantitative Methods: This seminar exposes / as students to the most used quantitative methods and techniques, for students, they can apply the tests in the context of their research, improving the capacity to process, interpret and analyze statistical information, using the relevant statistical programs.