Doctorado en ciencia con mencion en fisica


natural Sciences


Physical sciences

Universidad de Santiago de Chile

University of Santiago, Chile

  • City: Central Station,
  • Commune: Santiago,
  • Region: Metropolitan Region

a) To train graduates capable of promoting the development of original projects and lines of research in physics that contribute to the development of the discipline.
b) Develop thematic areas of the discipline as research lines of the Program.
c) Consolidate an academic development pole that promotes scientific research in physics and the formation of collaboration networks between research groups.

Applicant Profile

a) Possess a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Physics or in any related discipline. In the latter case, the Program Committee will evaluate the academic training of the applicant.
b) Verify a command of English at least at a basic level, which will be certified by means of a document that endorses training in English during their previous studies or by passing a basic English exam. This exam is administered by the Doctoral Program, and consists of the reading and translation of a scientific text in English.

Graduate profile

Graduates of the PhD Program in Science with a Major in Physics will be able to:
a) Master the body of general knowledge of physics at an advanced level.
b) Formulate, design and implement research projects in a rigorous way, to generate new knowledge in Physics that contributes to the advancement of scientific knowledge.
c) Apply the body of knowledge of the chosen research line and the advanced research techniques that are required and generate new knowledge in the area.
Communicate the results derived from the investigation truthfully and honestly, through national and international scientific means of dissemination.

Lines of investigation

1. Physics of high energies and gravitation 2. Condensed matter 3. Optics and quantum information 4. Materials 5. Physics of Earth and Space