Doctorado en astronomía y ciencias planetarias


natural Sciences


Physical sciences

Universidad de Atacama

Atacama University

  • City: Copiapó,
  • Commune: Copiapó,
  • Region: Atacama Region

The objective of the Doctoral Program in Astronomy and Planetary Sciences is to train
scientists and professionals qualified to perform comprehensively in research,
considering the following areas of expertise: stellar and galactic astronomy,
extragalactic astronomy and cosmology and planetary sciences and exoplanets. Wanted
train highly qualified graduates to develop original research, which contributes to the
scientific advancement in astronomy and planetary sciences.

Applicant Profile

Those who hold a Bachelor's Degree in Astronomy, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering or other related areas, whose level and content of study are equivalent to those necessary to obtain said degree, may apply to the Doctorate program. Candidates with a different training may be admitted considering leveling courses, which will be established by the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Program considering the academic background of each applicant.

Graduate profile

The graduate of the Doctorate in Astronomy and Planetary Sciences trained at the University of
Atacama has advanced knowledge in astronomy and planetary sciences. It is also
prepared to include in his scientific work the latest knowledge of the area, in interaction with
other researchers, using the existing astronomical infrastructure in Chile and the world. Equal
Thus, graduates will be able to generate and execute autonomous and original scientific projects, both
individually or by integrating work teams in national and international networks.
The Doctorate program enhances in its graduates the values that represent the seal of the
Universidad de Atacama: cooperation, responsibility, commitment, tolerance and pluralism
evident in an active participation in the development of the Atacama region and the country, with
critical, analytical thinking and scientific rigor. He and the graduate of this program
characterized by a solid comprehensive training with an emphasis on frontier research, uniting two
areas of strategic interest for the region: astronomy and planetary sciences.

Lines of investigation

-Star and Galactic Astronomy -Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology -Planetary Sciences and Exoplanets