Doctorado en arquitectura y urbanismo




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Universidad del Bío-Bío

Bio Bio University

  • City: Concepcion,
  • Commune: Concepción,
  • Region: Biobío Region

Offer an instance of training leading to the academic degree of Doctor in Architecture and Urbanism, oriented towards research in specific areas of the built environment, which provides the skills to generate original, well-founded, developed and applied knowledge, which favors the improvement of the quality of life and sustainable development. Promoting the academic improvement of graduates in the area, with research capacity, considering the cultural identity and the territory, particularly in buildings and intermediate cities. Relating collaborative work, with projections to the professional, productive and / or social environment.

Applicant Profile

The program is intended for graduates in Architecture, Design, Construction Engineering or related professions, with development in the area. Desirable with a Master's degree in the area of Architecture, Urbanism or Construction; or have equivalent experience in training or research (approved postgraduate courses or participation in research projects and / or preparation of publications), in the thematic lines of the program.

Graduate profile

The graduate of the Doctorate in Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Bío-Bío is an autonomous researcher who generates original knowledge in specific areas of the built environment, with the ability to base, develop and apply, promoting the improvement of the quality of life to contribute to the sustainable development of society, integrating advances in architecture and urban planning, considering the cultural and geographical context, particularly in intermediate cities. Likewise, it relates collaborative works and disseminates new knowledge to the academic community.

Lines of investigation

Line 1: Urban Development
-Growth of Intermediate Cities
-Resilience in Urban Planning
-Design of Public Spaces
-Urban Heritage Management
Line 2: Sustainable Building
-Passive Architecture and Energy Efficiency.
-Life Cycle, Materials and Construction Processes.
-Project Teaching
-Wood construction