Doctorado en arquitectura y estudios urbanos





Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (Campus Lo Contador)

Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (Lo Contador Campus)

  • City: Providencia,
  • Commune: Santiago,
  • Region: Metropolitan Region

The program aims to train human resources trained to investigate, carry out qualified university teaching and renew the professional practice linked to these problems. Have high-level postgraduates with experience in areas as significant as urban and territorial development; urban segregation and integration, architectural and urban heritage, landscape management and protection, among others, will result in an increase in research on these subjects, an increase in the level of university teaching, and even an innovative professional practice, both in the public area as in private.

Applicant Profile

Graduates or master's degrees from areas related to architecture and urban studies, who are interested in developing as innovative researchers, teachers or professionals, in an environment of interdisciplinary discussion.

Graduate profile

The student of the program will develop the skills and competencies necessary to devise, propose and develop basic and / or applied research in areas related to the study of architecture, the city and the territory. Said competences will include the possibility of collaborating in interdisciplinary research projects, understanding diverse points of view on the built environment.

It will also develop the capacities to exercise up-to-date and quality university teaching. The competencies acquired in the program will allow you a broad vision about the disciplinary perspectives that participate in the area, as well as the possible interactions between them.

Lines of investigation

History and Theory of Architecture and the City

Representation of Architecture, the City and the Territory

Architectural, Urban and Landscape Heritage

Architectural, Urban and Territory Project

Governance and Competitiveness

Urban Development and Social Transformations