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Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (Campus San Joaquín)

Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (San Joaquín Campus)

  • City: Macul,
  • Commune: Santiago,
  • Region: Metropolitan Region

Deliver the knowledge and training necessary to develop original and independent anthropological research at an advanced level.
Develop in students advanced skills in anthropological research methodologies.
Provide a space for rigorous reflection, which generates specialized and useful knowledge to understand socio-cultural problems.
Develop in students capacities to understand and intervene in sociocultural problems.
Prepare students in teaching tasks and university training in the anthropological discipline.
Provide the necessary training to recognize, discern and solve ethical problems in anthropological research.

Applicant Profile

Graduates or Masters in Anthropology, or related disciplines, with academic excellence and a genuine interest in social research.

Graduate profile

The graduate of the Doctorate in Anthropology:
1. You will be prepared to develop original research, autonomously, with an updated vision of anthropological theories.
2. You will have advanced skills in methodology, which will allow you to investigate in different socio-cultural realities, with the ability to adapt and autonomy to solve problems in the conduct of your research.
3. It will be able, through rigorous anthropological reflection, to understand socio-cultural problems.
4. You will be able to integrate and lead both disciplinary and interdisciplinary work teams aimed at the intervention of complex socio-cultural phenomena.
5. It will be authorized to teach university in the anthropological discipline.
6. Will have the necessary training to face and solve ethical problems that arise in the investigation and management of research projects.

Lines of investigation

Environment, Development and Sustainability.

Governance and diversity

Relationship, religiosity and daily life