Doctorado en ciencias sociales


social Sciences



Universidad de La Frontera

University of La Frontera

  • City: Temuco,
  • Commune: Temuco,
  • Region: Araucanía Region

To train quality researchers in Social Sciences, who have autonomous investigative capacities, disciplinary and interdisciplinary scientific knowledge and skills that allow them to analyze and interpret social reality and provide quality university teaching through a solid theoretical methodological training.

Applicant Profile

Be in possession of a Bachelor's or Master's Degree in the area of Social and Human Sciences. In addition, graduates from other related disciplines with a Bachelor's, Master's or Doctor's degree may apply, prior approval of the Academic Committee.

Graduate profile

The Doctor of Social Sciences trained at the University of La Frontera is a postgraduate with capacities for the development of social research and teaching in higher education institutions. He has training in Social Theory, Social Research Methodologies, Social Research Design and University Teaching. Therefore, their training enables them to independently develop original and quality research on problems related to the social sciences through the analysis of valid information sources and the use of quantitative and / or qualitative methodologies with the purpose of contributing to the knowledge of the social sciences; effectively communicate research results in academic activities, in the media and scientific dissemination; and conduct updated teaching as a result of content planning, teaching methods and relevant assessment strategies in the field of social sciences. In addition, it is characterized by acting with critical thinking, according to ethical principles and respect for socio-cultural diversity.

Lines of investigation

Line N ° 1: Consumption and Economic Citizenship Line N ° 2: Territory, Power and Culture Line N ° 3: Society, Environment and Public Policies. Line N ° 4: Intersubjectivity, Phenomenology and Epistemology. Line N ° 5: Cultural Studies, Discourse and Communication Line N ° 6: History, Border and Nation-State.