Inter-institutional demo doctorate


social Sciences


Other Social Sciences



  • Commune: Osorno,
  • Region: Los Lagos Region
  • Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
  • Federico Santa María Technical University
  • University of Tarapacá
  • Metropolitan University of Education Sciences

To train researchers capable of designing, implementing and directing research processes and generating new knowledge in the interdisciplinary field of regional and territorial studies, from the social sciences and performing in high-level academic tasks.

Applicant Profile

Possession of a Master's degree, or equivalent, in a disciplinary field compatible with the nature of the program, or possessing a high and relevant scientific productivity in disciplinary fields compatible with the program, in addition to a bachelor's degree.

Graduate profile

a) The Doctors of the Social Sciences Program in Territorial Studies will act as independent critical researchers, capable of interacting with specialists from different disciplines of the social sciences, and of designing and directing research processes from interdisciplinary approaches.

b) Likewise, the PhD graduates of the program are capable of coherently and effectively articulating teaching, research and the development of proposals for public intervention that improve living conditions and justice in the regions and territories that make up their study objects. This implies that they have the ability to enrich undergraduate and postgraduate training work based on research and reflection on public matters.

c) Those who graduate from the program, in addition to performing as high-level professionals in the academic field, will have the capacities to construct, develop and evaluate basic and applied research projects, from an interdisciplinary, critical and situated perspective.

Lines of investigation

Line N ° 1: Regional Societies, Governance and Public Institutionality.

Line N ° 2: Identity: Local Discourses, Territorial Spaces and Societal Processes.

Line N ° 3: Territory, Economy and Environment.