Rector of the University of Los Lagos is reelected for a new period 2021-2025

The academic community gave the rector Óscar Garrido Álvarez a strong endorsement through the voting process that took place during the day this Wednesday.

With the strength that comes from having obtained an 80.56 % of the votes, from a universe of 299 male and female academics with the right to vote, the rector Óscar Garrido Álvarez proudly takes on this new challenge, leading the destinies of the only public university in the region.

From the list of 299 academics with the right to vote, a 97% exercised their right to vote, which means a total of 289 academics, as indicated by the president of the Suffrage Reception Board, Glenda Gutiérrez.

It was through an online voting system due to the confinement that the pandemic has forced, that this election was held, in which the academics of the Osorno and Puerto Montt campuses, and the Chiloé and Santiago campuses had to enter a safe and reliable platform to cast your vote.

Once the election process was completed, which lasted from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 21, the Suffrage Reception Table proceeded to count the votes and, through the zoom platform, report the results to the entire university community.

The Special Electoral Commission chaired by the academic René Reyes also participated in this presentation of results, who thanked the participation of all the academics in this process that elects the rector of the ULagos for the first time through an electronic voting system.

After the presentation of the results, the procedure indicates that the Suffrage Reception Table delivers them to the Special Electoral Commission, who must subsequently deliver them to the Superior Council.

Next, the reelected rector of the University of Los Lagos delivers an open letter to the entire university community.

Dear ULagos community:

I am honored once again to have the overwhelming support of the academic community by trusting in my leadership to guide the destinies of our University. I am excited to observe how a collective effort of academics, officials and students has allowed us to transform our university in all areas of university work such as teaching, postgraduate studies, research, institutional management and links with the university. regional and national environment. I have the genuine conviction that in the next period, placing the development of people at the center of our work, we will advance in the consolidation of our precious university project, with a high recognition of "our University" as a strategic actor at the service of the region and the country.

On the other hand, the national context offers us spaces for our University to be a dialoguing, collaborative actor in the construction of a more just and equitable country, with social rights that need to be consigned in the new constitution and as we have collaborated since the outbreak social and pandemic, today we will deliberately do so in the constituent process, displaying our principles and values as a public university.

I reiterate once again, my deep gratitude to the academics who fulfilled the civic role supporting me in this electoral process and giving me once again the opportunity to continue leading the University. I renew my commitment to continue dignifying the role of a public servant at the disposal of its university community and our territory, in a dialogue perspective and advancing with strategic decisions that allow us to make the University a kind and generous space to realize dreams and projects in the different areas of our work. Thank you very much, a fraternal greeting and high appreciation and appreciation for your support.






Source: University of Los Lagos / Photographs: University of Los Lagos