Dr. Cristhian Mellado took over as Rector of the Catholic University of the Holy Conception

Academic and former dean of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences shared a speech at a ceremony held in the Theater Room of the San Andrés Campus.

The Catholic University of the Holy Conception has a new Rector. This is Dr. Cristhian Mellado Cid, who served as Dean of FACEA UCSC, and who this Wednesday assumed the position in replacement of Christian Schmitz Vaccaro, in a ceremony headed by the Grand Chancellor of the House of Studies, Monsignor Fernando Chomali.

After a mass celebrated in the Santa María Reina Chapel of the San Andrés Campus, the ceremony to commemorate the Foundational Anniversary and change of Rector was held in the Theater Room of the Central Building, where the Secretary General of the UCSC, Teresa Lobos, gave Reading of the Decree of the Grand Chancellery appointing Cristhian Mellado as Rector.

In his inauguration speech, the new authority thanked all those who trusted him to carry out the position, his family and close friends, telling about his personal career and highlighting the path taken by the University to demonstrate the sustained growth of recent years .

“I have witnessed the sustained growth of my Alma Mater, of our beloved UCSC, transforming into a complex and inclusive house of studies, open to the world and the community, recognized and recently accredited for 5 years with research. Thank you for the inheritance that I receive from my predecessors, who dedicated time, love and knowledge, especially to the Rector Christian Schmitz and his team with whom I shared closely in recent years in the Superior Council of the University and in recent weeks in the transfer of the position. The achievements made encourage me to have great and ambitious aspirations to give continuity to the educational project, generating the changes that the moment and circumstances require, but always with balance to maintain what has already been achieved and our values so representative and intact, ”said Mellado.

Likewise, among the challenges posed for the next five years, Rector Mellado pointed to the new Strategic Development Plan (PDE) 2022-2026, giving relevance to Management at the service of the academy, with focuses on research, teaching, links with the environment and management.

On the occasion, the authority shared part of the names that will accompany it in the Superior Directorate of the University. Pro-rector will be Dr. Ana Narváez; Dr. Antonio Brante, Vice-rector for Research and Postgraduate Studies; Dr. Alfredo García, Vice-Rector for Relations with the Environment; Carlos Sobarzo, Vice-rector for Administration and Finance; and Teresa Lobos Del Fierro, continues in the General Secretariat.

“It is up to me to assume in times of uncertainty, in a different 2021, but with faith and hope we will advance in the great issues that the University requires to be a social protagonist and lead important issues for the development of the territory and its people, because our vocation is public. and we owe ourselves to this, in tune with the public and private spheres, and in close collaboration with the higher education institutions that are part of the global university map ”, he stated.

For his part, the UCSC Grand Chancellor, Monsignor Fernando Chomali, indicated that "I have words of gratitude for Rector Schmitz and his entire team, for making an immense effort to move the University forward in all its areas." Regarding the new authority, he stressed that "it means great joy, because Rector Mellado is a UCSC alumnus and had an excellent academic career, committed to the students and the identity of the University."


Information and images: Communication and Public Relations Department - Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción.