Institute of Clean Technologies (ITL) and progress of the request to declare the bidding process void

«As the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities we value positively that this Tuesday, January 26, the Senate Chamber has approved the draft agreement by which“ the President of the Republic is requested to take the necessary measures to declare the bidding process void to establish the Chilean Institute of Clean Technologies, as well as to instruct, with respect to said procedure, a complete administrative investigation aimed at determining the existence of irregularities and possible perpetrators ”.

We acknowledge the work and commitment of the group of senators who presented this initiative and that it was approved by a large majority, since it undoubtedly opens the possibility that CORFO's decision to award the tender for the Clean Energy Institute will be reversed. (ITL) to the North American consortium Associated Universities Inc. (AUI), and implement a new process that guarantees objectivity, transparency and fairness.

The result of the vote is a clear sign that the draft agreement has solid grounds to request that the bidding process be declared void due to possible legality defects, given the omissions and actions of CORFO in essential stages of the evaluation process of the proposals received.

As we expressed in the public statement of January 7, 2021, the Clean Energy Institute has an impact on the development of innovation in a strategic issue for the country, since its purpose is to promote solar energy, sustainable mining ( emissions) and advanced lithium and other mineral materials, with significant associated amounts ($ 193 million over 10 years). Consequently, it represents a unique and invaluable opportunity for the development of research, the strengthening of capacities for technology transfers and innovation and, ultimately, for the development of Chile.

We consider it essential that such a relevant decision for the country responds to a long-term development strategy that strengthens Chile's science and technology system; that validates and recognizes national capacities; that enhances the various territories and their natural resources; and that benefits society.

We hope that the future Institute of Clean Technologies, a development project linked to the Antofagasta region, favors a real policy of promoting the development of the country's own capacities and manages to establish synergistic wills between industry, academia, cutting-edge innovation, local community and the link with the territories, in order to be true protagonists of technological development for global climate action through the development of green hydrogen. "