Commitment to dialogue and life for Chile

«In the context of the serious health and economic crisis produced by the Coronavirus, COVID-19, the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities (CRUCH), made up of 30 institutions that represent the most diverse intellectual and cultural traditions of the country, has estimated It is a civic duty and a responsibility proper to its mission to make a call to the national public conscience, based on the following considerations:

1.- That it is evident that this dangerous emergency that threatens the lives and health of thousands of people came to us in a social and political situation of acute tension and unresolved antagonisms. That it itself gave way to an institutional process that should lead to relevant political decisions of the greatest importance for national history.

2.- Given this unfortunate coincidence, we allow ourselves to call all citizens and especially their political representatives, not to confuse the plans because the country urgently needs at this time, its greater cohesion and unity of purposes. That to achieve this objective we must be able to put down our mistrust and prejudice, as well as the economic or political advantages that we may have.

3.- In this sense, we must all join in and support the efforts being made by the health authority, our government and the political system as a whole, civic loyalty that certainly does not exclude discrepancies or legitimate, respectful and well-founded criticism.

4.- In accordance with the social function that we fulfill in the task of generating and contributing knowledge to society, our universities will continue to offer and collaborate with all their available resources, from their research centers, with their professionals and experts, as well as with its COVID-19 diagnostic laboratories and the production of supplies that can support the protection of people.

5.- We also want to publicly thank, on behalf of our university communities, all the people who are serving in public or private health establishments, clinical laboratories or in other service areas, whether in security, administration, transportation, supply or others, because these Chileans make possible the protection of all the others, sometimes at serious risk to their own safety or integrity.

6.- When we come out of this health crisis, whose economic and social effects will be very serious and more prolonged, we will be on the verge of a constitutional plebiscite or other relevant institutional decisions for Chile. It will be much better to arrive at that moment after a careful, visible and convincing effort of cohesion and social solidarity.

For these reasons, we allow ourselves this time, beyond what we always do given the role of the CRUCH, to call each and every one of us to contribute whenever civic altruism itself is necessary, rather than summoning or challenging others ( ace). The best democratic and republican vocation for this dramatic disturbance in public and private life will be the one that will enable us to identify how together to overcome the dangers and health damages that already plague the country, but also to overcome today and tomorrow the pain and serious problems. consequences of the economic losses that people, companies and the country will have. «