Universities with the Single Admission System publish a definitive offer of careers and vacancies for 2017

 A total of 84,470 vacancies will be offered by the 36 universities that participate in the Single Admission System (SUA) of the Council of Rectors. The official document "Definitive Offer of Careers, Vacancies and Weightings" can be downloaded from: www.sua-cruch.cl Y www.demre.cl. To apply for Pedagogy careers and programs, new requirements will be considered, in accordance with the provisions of Law 20.903.

  This Thursday, September 22, the "Definitive Offer of Careers, Vacancies and Weightings" for the 2017 Admission Process will be published, an official document that gathers the official information provided by the 36 universities that currently participate in the Single Admission System (SUA) of the Council of Rectors (CRUCH).


A total of 84,470 regular vacancies will be offered by the 27 CRUCH universities and the 9 private ones attached to the SUA. It should be remembered that in Admission 2017 the two new state universities, Aysén and O'Higgins, are added, as well as the Universidad Católica Silva Henríquez, with which the offer increases by 5.8% with respect to the Admission Process 2016 , in which 79,865 regular vacancies were offered. Regarding the number of degrees, the set of 36 universities will offer a total of 1,480.


The text of the "Definitive Offer of Careers, Vacancies and Weightings", which expands the information published at the beginning of June, will be available in digital format on the website of the Single Admission System of the Council of Rectors and also on that of DEMRE ( Department of Evaluation, Measurement and Educational Registry of the University of Chile). 



The new SUA universities


The careers that the University of Aysén will offer in Admission 2017 are six: Industrial Civil Engineering, Forest Engineering, Agronomy, Nursing, Obstetrics and Social Work. On the other hand, the University of O'Higgins will offer Pedagogy in Early Childhood Education, Pedagogy in Basic Education, Pedagogy in English for Basic and Secondary Education, Pedagogy in Language and Communication, Pedagogy in Mathematics, Agronomic Engineering, Civil Engineering - Common Plan (conducive to Electrical Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Geological Civil Engineering, Mechanical Civil Engineering), Nursing, Medicine and Occupational Therapy. 


Meanwhile, the Silva Henríquez Catholic University offers careers in the area of Education, Social Sciences, Administration and Commerce, Law, Health, Technology and Humanities, adding a total of 22 careers. 



Pedagogies application


Since in April of this year Law 20.903 was published, which creates the Teacher Professional Development System and Modifies other Norms, starting from the Admission Process 2017, applicants to careers and programs in the area of education (Basic Education Teacher , Teacher of Secondary Education, Teacher of Professional Technical Education, Teacher of Differential Education and Educator of Kindergartens), must comply with new requirements. 


For regular admission, applicants must take the PSU and obtain a score that places them in the 50th percentile or higher, considering the average of the compulsory tests, or have an average of High School Notes that is within 30% superior of your educational establishment. It is worth mentioning that in addition to these conditions, those interested must comply with the requirements established by each university to make their application effective. 


On the other hand, for special admission, applicants must pass a preparation and access program for High School students to continue pedagogy studies in Higher Education, recognized by the Ministry of Education and take the University Selection Test (PSU) . The list of recognized programs will be informed by Mineduc.  




Registration for the PSU


Until next October 4, the extraordinary period of inscription to the PSU will be open, which has a cost of $30,060 pesos. Those interested should register through the Applicant Portal on the DEMRE website (Department of Evaluation, Measurement and Educational Registry of the University of Chile). 


The regular registration period, developed between June 13 and August 12, ended with a total of 269,605 registered. Of these, 197,917 students correspond to this year's class and 71,688 are from previous classes. Last year, those registered in the same period were 272,706, reaching 289,480 at the close of the extraordinary registration. 


On the first day of the PSU, Monday, November 28 at 9:00 a.m., the Language and Communication test will be applied and, at 2:30 p.m., the Science test. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, November 29 at 9:00 am, the Mathematics test will be applied and, in the afternoon (2:30 pm), the History, Geography and Social Sciences test. The recognition of rooms will take place on Sunday, November 27, between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.


Download the Definitive Career Offer below; Vacancies and Weightings


By CRUCH Communications Area, September 21, 2016