See program of the Seminar on Internationalization of Higher Education, October 13 and 14, 2016

 The preliminary program of the Internationalization Seminar is now available.



Program / Schedule

Seminar: Internationalization of Higher Education

Conference: Internationalization of Higher Education 
O'Higgins Room, Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Ministry of Foreign Relations

Teatinos 180, Santiago, Chile


Thursday, October 13 / Thursday, October 13th


14:30                      Inscription / Registration


15:00                      Opening ceremony / Opening Ceremony

Authority of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile

Authority of Minister of education

Aldo Valle Acevedo, Rector of the University of Valparaíso, Executive vice-president of the CRUCH


15:30                      Module 1: Concept of Internationalization / Table 1: Concept of Internationalization

Hans de Wit, Director, Center for International Higher Education, Boston College

Maria Jose Lemaitre, Executive Director CINDA

Moderator / Chair: Cristina Lazo, Director of International Relations, CIAE, University of Chile


19:00                      Cocktail / Cocktail


Friday, October 14 / Friday, October 14th


8:30                         Opening / Opening

Claudio Elórtegui, Rector of the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso, President of the G9 Network

9:00 Module 2: Internationalization Models / Table 2: Models of Internationalization

Michael Peak, Senior Higher Education Adviser Internationalization, British Council 

Virginia Garretón, Executive Director of the Millennium Science Initiative

Moderator / Chair: Claudia Matus, Director of Research, Faculty of Education, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile


11:00                      Coffee / Coffee break



11:20                      Module 3: Internationalization in Latin America / Table 3: Internationalization in Latin America

Joceyln Gacel-Ávila, University of Guadalajara

Flavio Salazar, Academic Vice Chancellor University of Chile

Moderator / Chair: Gabriel Rodríguez, Director of the Directorate of Energy, Science and Technology and Innovation (DECYTI-MINREL)


13:30                      Lunch (free) / Lunch (open)


15:30                       Module 4: Institutional practices in Internationalization / Table 4: Institutional Practices of Internationalization

International Exhibitor to be confirmed

Elizabeth grandon, Academic, University of Biobío

Valeska Geldres, Dean of the Faculty of Legal and Business Sciences, Universidad de La Frontera

Marcos Avilez, Director of International Relations, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso

William Marshall, Prorrector, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Fernando Alvarado, Director of International Relations and Executive Director of CONFUCIO UC, Pontifia Universidad Católica de Chile

Moderator / Chair: Dania Trista, Director of International Relations, Universidad Católica del Norte


17:30                      Closure / Closing

Ennio Vivaldi, Rector of the University of Chile, President CUECH


17:50                      Wine of honor / Closing wine of honor



* The program may have changes.

* Schedule may change.