CRUCH Postgraduate Commission brought together representatives of their universities, CNA and CONICYT

In the activity, organized by the Council of Rectors, different views converged on internationalization, postgraduate training, accreditation, Performance Agreements and scholarships to carry out master's and doctorate programs. 


The Working Day of the Postgraduate Commission of the Council of Rectors, held on Tuesday, September 8, brought together Vice-Rectors for Research, Directors of Doctoral and Postgraduate Programs, as well as academics from CRUCH universities, who shared experiences around postgraduate training and internationalization projects aimed at strengthening international university ties, among other topics.
At the meeting, held at the Extension Center of the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC), the General Secretary of the Council of Rectors, María Isabel Munita, and the Vice-Rector for Research and Doctorate of the PUC, Sol Serrano, were in charge of giving welcome participants.  
The Executive Secretary of the National Accreditation Commission (CNA), Paula Beale, and the Director of the Department of Advanced Human Capital of the National Commission for Scientific Research and Tecnológica (CONICYT), Daniel Portales. 
During the morning, Paula Beale made a presentation regarding the postgraduate accreditation process, on which occasion she pointed out the latest modifications to the regulations, pointed out the most frequent errors made at the time of submitting the documentation and made an analysis of the postgraduate degrees from CRUCH universities entering accreditation. At the end of his presentation, a space was created for questions and interaction with the attendees. 
Internationalization panel


Later, in a panel made up of representatives from six CRUCH universities, internationalization experiences supported by Performance Agreements were shared. In this space, the Postgraduate Director of the University of Concepción, Ximena García; the Director of the Doctorate and of the College of Doctoral Programs of the PUC, Jani Brouwer; the Engineer in Quality Management from the Universidad de la Frontera, Silvana Pineda; the Chief of Staff of the Vice-rectory for Research and Development of the University of Chile, Andree Henríquez; the Director of Scientific-Technological Postgraduate Programs at the Federico Santa María Technical University, Claudio Aguilar; and the academic from the Austral University of Chile, and Ana María Zarraga.