CRUCH expresses its solidarity with Rector Eduardo Silva sj of the Alberto Hurtado University

The Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities, through each of the rectors that make it up, wishes to express its solidarity with the Rector of the Alberto Hurtado University, Eduardo Silva sj, who on the afternoon of Tuesday, August 31, was detained and violently rebuked by a group of students in the rectory of said house of studies.


We consider that this type of situation is contrary to the meaning of the university institution, based on the principles of democratic deliberation and the primacy of peaceful coexistence. Consequently, we reject the use of coercive and threatening actions that do not contribute to the construction of agreements or consensus.


We trust that the university community of the Alberto Hurtado University will soon be able to overcome these events and will regain the path of respectful dialogue between its different members.


Santiago September 02, 2016