Four professionals from CRUCH Universities obtained scholarships 2016-2017 from Fundación Carolina

 The professionals who benefited are from the Universidad Católica del Norte (UCN), Bio Bio (UBB), Concepción (UdeC) and La Frontera (UFRO), respectively. Benefit for scholarship recipients is possible thanks to the current Collaboration Agreement between the Council of Rectors and Fundación Carolina de España.


Of the 6 applicants from the universities of the Council of Rectors to the Call for Scholarships 2016-2017 of Fundación Carolina, four obtained the benefit in a selection process that received 262 applications, of which 132 corresponded to Doctorates and 130 to Post-Doctoral Short Stays .


The professionals who received the benefit to carry out their Doctorates are Eduardo Aguilar Torres from the Universidad Católica del Norte; Xuksa Kramcsak Muñoz from the University of Concepción and Jessica Fuentealba Quilodrán from the University of Bío Bío. Meanwhile, Pamela Andrea Mendoza Alonzo from the University of La Frontera, was benefited to carry out her Short Post Doctoral Stay.


The scholarship recipients will continue their studies and specialization in prominent Spanish schools such as the University of Barcelona, the Pompeu Fabra University, the University of Alcalá and the Carlos III University.


It should be noted that this call for scholarships is possible thanks to the Collaboration Agreement in force between the Council of Rectors and Fundación Carolina de España dating from 2005, a benefit that can be accessed by all professionals or teachers from universities belonging to CRUCH.

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By Communications Area Council of Rectors, 08/11/2016