CRUCH: "We will ask the Minister of Education for more information on the reasons for requesting the resignation of the rector of the University of Aysén"

The Executive Vice President of the Council of Rectors, Aldo Valle, publicly expressed the recognition of the rectors of CRUCH to Rector Roxana Pey and gave public testimony about her work, highlighting that she has made the best effort in the performance of her duties in office. as rector of the recently created State University of Aysén.

“We have expressed our solidarity and our recognition of the dedication, commitment, and diligence that we have appreciated in the performance of their duties; We publicly express that solidarity and that recognition and, of course, as his colleagues we can bear witness to that performance ”. With these words and within the framework of the monthly session of the Council of Rectors held in Santiago, the Executive Vice President of CRUCH, Aldo Valle, explained the analysis made by his peers regarding the recent request for the resignation of the rector of the University of Aysén , Roxana Pey.


Regarding the reasons that motivated the Ministry of Education to request the resignation of Rector Pey, the Vice President of CRUCH said that as the Council of Rectors it is not their responsibility to qualify the administrative act, since they are a body that is part of the public institutions and Therefore, they are respectful of the exercise and powers of the competent authorities. However, he announced that “we will ask the Minister of Education for more information about the reasons that led to this decision, because the university rectors fulfill the functions in accordance with the requirements of that position and, consequently, any of us may be exposed to an administrative decision like this one ”, he pointed out.


The Council of Rectors agree that beyond the powers that the administrative authority may legitimately have in such a case, it is very important to accompany the exercise of those powers and reasons, with the greatest detail of the grounds and reasons invoked. "As CRUCH we have chosen to have the greatest precision of the antecedents that the political authority has established, to evaluate if this could compromise that principle so valuable in our university tradition, which is the autonomy of higher education institutions," said the Vice President of the CRUCH.


The monthly session of the Council of Rectors was held in Santiago and was attended by the Head of the Higher Education Division, Alejandra Contreras.


By CRUCH Communications Area, 07.28.2019