Aldo Valle, on the Higher Education project: "You cannot make the public system compete with a higher education market"

During the sessionorMonthly n of the Council of Rectors held in Talca, at the Universidad Catorlica del Maule, participatedor the new Head of the Divesup, Alejandra Contreras.


A few díace of the presentationorn of the draft Law on Educationorn Superior, the Executive Vice President of the Council of Rectors, Aldo Valle, assertedor what toorn have not had access to its content, but based on what has been disseminated, “we have a crítica in comorn in the CRUCH and there is no strengthening of the institutions that stillía basal contributions have been received, which does not allow them to guarantee their future development in a scenario that, in additiontoYes, what it promises is the continuationorn the financing of an education marketorn superior by the State of Chile ”.


Within the framework of the sessionorn monthly CRUCH held yesterday Thursday at the Universidad Catorlica del Maule, in Talca, the rector Valle said that “we believe that tools should be introduced that allow the strengthening of regional universities and those universities that, without being in regions, have very low funding.orwar. That beingíto an effective way to strengthen educationornporto be consistent and consistent with what the government program establishedor, which was effectively strengthening educationornporblica ”. 

The Executive Vice President of CRUCH stressedor that "it is notto happening that, and state and non-state universities do not yet haveía in this project the possibility of being able to develop according to the needs of the país in educationorn top. Universities have to achieve higher standardstoquality standards, develop researchorn, develop the postgraduate course in the best conditions, and you cannot make the p system competeorwith an education marketorn top, that's our main críethics to what we know about the educational reform projectorn superior ”.

Regarding tariffs and regulationsorn necessary in a scenario of free and ample financing porpublic, the rector Valle plantedor that "there must be a regulationorn that establishes a proportionorn among the various training needsorand the costs of those training needsorn, but without a price freedom system in force. We want the reform to be in that tooandn exploíappointment, particularly if the State is going to continue transferring fiscal resources to charitable institutions.toprivate cter. We hold that andThey cannot be left free to set the amounts of the tariffs ”.


New Head of the Divesup

The sessionorn of the CRUCH contor with the participationorn of the new Head of the Divisionorn of Educationorn Superior of the Mineduc, Alejandra Contreras, who carried outor a presentationorto the rectors on gratuity and the financing system porwar. In this regard, Aldo Valle, statedor that although they have received informationorn pertinent and necessary, from the Council of Rectors there is concernorn for fund transfers and executionorn of gratuity. "We do not have yetíto the certainty that we rectors and our institutions require about free transfers for the second semester ”, alertor Aldo Valle, anticipating that to meet the financing needs of the institutions, the Head of DIVESUP committed toor to hold a meetingorn with the Council of Rectors in the prorximos 15 díace. "We have had, from her, the best dispositionorn to resolve difficulties as soon as possible ”, he specifiedor.

National Qualifications Framework

Since the educational reform projectorThe higher level contemplates the existence of a National Qualifications Framework, tending to have a regulationorn of tíTitles, degrees and academic requirementsand