Rectors of CRUCH meet with Advisory Commissions to start a new cycle of action that promotes joint work and cooperation

 Executive Vice President of CRUCH and rector of the University of Valparaíso, Aldo Valle, welcomed the directors of the CRUCH advisory commissions and pointed out that the Council of Rectors wants to mark a milestone by starting a new cycle of work with each of the four commissions, under the wing of a joint work with greater articulation, cooperation and institutionalization. Also present at the working day were the rectors Diego Durán (UCM), Ennio Vivaldi (U. de Chile), Sergio Bravo (UFRO) and Darcy Fuenzalida (UFSM).

 In order to resume the work of the four CRUCH advisory committees, define a new work modality and the priority lines of action for 2016, a working session was held between the rectors, members of the Executive Committee of the Rectors Council, and the directives of the Advisory Commissions for Postgraduate, Research, Academic Vice-Rectors and International Relations.


In the first part of the day, the executive vice president of CRUCH and rector of the University of Valparaíso, Aldo Valle, along with welcoming the attendees and thanking the well attended participation, revealed the enormous contribution that the Commissions have made and can continue delivering in key times where a change in the institutional framework and in the new higher education policies is debated. The rector Valle, recognized that many times the rectors are immersed in very significant demands and urgencies of the contingency, but said “we want technical assistance in these times where we have discussions that we must face, we need to have founded opinions, which allow us to concur with proposals, with alternatives that we consider essential at this time, taking into account the character and mission of CRUCH, which is a public body created by law, which among its main missions is the task of advising MINEDUC on public policies, whether in higher education , science and technology, "he said. For this reason, the urgency to strengthen and promote the work with each commission and in turn, become more aware of the importance and relevance of the existence of these advisory commissions.


The executive vice president of CRUCH, in his speech, also called on the attendees to promote greater articulation with the Council of Rectors and the General Secretariat, for this he pointed out that “it is essential that in each commission there is a permanent and regular participation of a rector , so that the connection with the plenary session of the Council of Rectors takes place, we want to mark a milestone by initiating a new cycle of greater regularity, of greater articulation, of greater recognition of the work of the committees, with more institutionalization of this work ”, he specified Aldo Valle.


Likewise, the rector of the Universidad Católica del Maule, Diego Durán said that the invitation is to continue building a joint effort and that means “thinking of CRUCH as a set of different, original universities, but that contribute as a whole to the country. , also think that there are institutions that have different levels of development with each other, in this sense the spirit of collaboration between the commissions should be the maximum possible, therefore, the invitation is that we have a spirit of collaboration, solidarity and exchange that allows us to move forward, ”said Diego Duran.


For his part, the rector of the Federico Santa María Technical University, Darcy Fuenzalida, stressed that "the vision of our communities is relevant in these moments where such important problems are discussed and from that perspective, it is essential that the commissions of the Council of Rectors articulate their work together and with a permanent dialogue ”, said the rector of the UFSM.


Another member of the Executive Committee of CRUCH who was present at the working day was the rector of the University of La Frontera, Sergio Bravo, who pointed out that it is strategic that the working groups formed are opened, that is, that the vice-rectors and Area directors invite the 27 universities to participate, and to be informed of what is being done in each of the commissions, "it would be very bad for us to have these working groups closed and not open to the participation of the different universities ”, Bravo sentenced.


Subsequently, the General Secretary of the Council of Rectors, María Isabel Munita, made a detailed presentation where, along with specifying that her unit will play a facilitating role in this new stage, she announced that the CRUCH Secretariat will work to promote the development of the commissions in three relevant axes: associativity, transversality and innovation.


After the interventions of the rectors and the general secretary, the attendees held a fluid dialogue with the rectors aimed at identifying the main problems in each of the work areas and, together, they analyzed priorities and possibilities for action. 


The session that took place in Santiago between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. during the afternoon included the establishment of working groups by commission, where the attendees identified strengths and weaknesses, also defined priority topics and lines of work, They also made progress in planning for the remainder of this year 2016. 

Among those attending this activity are representatives of different CRUCH campuses, including: U. de Chile, U, de Concepción, U. de Antofagasta, Pontificia Universidad Católica, U. de Valparaíso, U. de la Frontera, U. de Santiago, U. Católica del Norte, U. Católica del Maule, U. Técnica Federico Santa María, among others.


See the list of attendees to this working day in the pdf file.



Source: CRUCH Communications Area, April 22, 2016