CRUCH Public Statement in relation to the mobilization called by CONFECH

 In relation to the mobilization called by CONFECH for April 21 and the invitation to the Council of Rectors to join it, CRUCH publicly communicates the following: 

 The Council of Rectors expressly dealt with the content of the invitation that was formulated by CONFECH, in the session held last Monday, April 18.  

On this occasion, the CRUCH assessment is reiterated in relation to the participation of university communities regarding certain public policies, especially those that directly concern them. The Council also shows that there are coincidences between certain approaches of CONFECH with the positions of CRUCH on relevant aspects of the reform of higher education.
Despite recognizing that the student movement has valid reasons to carry out the mobilization day that it has convened, the Council of Rectors considers that it is up to each university community to adopt its decisions in relation to participation in it.
The Council of Rectors reaffirms its unrestricted respect for the rights of assembly, petition and peaceful demonstration. The student mobilization called for tomorrow responds to the legitimate right to publicly express well-founded discrepancies with the procedures and proposals of the higher education reform process. But at the same time, we must express that said convocation cannot be indifferent to the mourning that is experienced by the death of former President Patricio Aylwin. For this reason and convinced of the civic commitment that encourages student organizations, the Council of Rectors makes a call for tomorrow the students to promote and guard the realization of a particularly respectful demonstration of this circumstance and of those who will be expressing in turn recognition to whom he contributed to making public liberties part of our best civic tradition.    
Finally, the Council of Rectors hopes that CONFECH's mobilization will be successful and that it will be carried out in an atmosphere of unity and peace.
Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities
Santiago, April 20, 2016