CRUCH Public Statement referring to acts of violence suffered by the U. Católica de la Santísima Concepción

 Faced with the recent acts of violence suffered by the Catholic University of Santísima Concepción in its Center for Innovation and Agricultural Technology Transfer of the Cañete commune, the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities states:

 His most emphatic condemnation of the acts of violence that occurred in the early hours of Monday, April 18, against dependencies of the Catholic University of the Holy Conception (UCSC).

In an act of unusual violence, a group of heavily armed individuals perpetrated an arson attack that completely destroyed the UCSC Center for Agricultural Innovation and Technology Transfer, in the Cañete Commune in the Bío Bío Region. The Council of Rectors unanimously condemns these facts in the conviction that nothing can justify actions of this nature.
This type of conduct essentially offends the sense of the university institution, based on the principles of democratic deliberation, respectful dialogue and the primacy of peaceful coexistence. These facts are more sensitive, since they affect a university that has demonstrated a solid commitment to the equitable development of the region, and especially in a lagging area such as the province of Arauco, through actions and projects that are in progress. direct benefit of the local communities and of all the inhabitants of the Province. 
We express our complete solidarity with President Christian Schmitz and the entire UCSC university community, and we trust his ability to overcome this reprehensible episode, making the mission and values of the University prevail.