CRUCH Executive Committee meets with CONFECH leaders

 The path that gratuity has followed, the financing system and the need to prosper in an inclusive dialogue with the university communities for the implementation of the Higher Education Reform, were some of the topics analyzed in the meeting held by the Executive Committee of the Council of Rectors and representatives of the Confederation of Students of Chile (CONFECH).


For about two hours, the rectors who make up the CRUCH Executive Committee met with leaders of the Chilean Student Confederation (CONFECH), an instance in which the students expressed their annoyance at the path that the reform of the system has traveled. higher education, due to the problems and uncertainties that have arisen regarding free education and due to the lack of clarity regarding the future financing system. 


On behalf of the Executive Committee, the executive vice president and rector of the University of Valparaíso, Aldo Valle; the alternate executive vice president and rector of the Universidad Católica del Maule, Diego Duran; the rector of the University of Chile, Ennio Vivaldi; the rector of the University of Playa Ancha, Patricio Sanhueza; in addition to the General Secretary of the Council of Rectors, María Isabel Munita. On behalf of the students, the president of the Federation of Students of the University of Chile (FECH), Camila Rojas; from the University of Santiago, Marta Matamala (FEUSACH); from the Austral University of Chile (UACH), Nicole Cornejo and Nicolás Berthet; from the University of Valparaíso (UV), Carlos Vergara; and from the Diego Portales University (UDP), Mario Bustos.


Once the meeting ended, the executive vice president of CRUCH said that “it is not possible that at this point, being a short time before the project enters Congress, we still do not have a proposal with the design of financing for higher education. We believe that this is a deficit that seems inexplicable to us and, therefore, we think that the government should hurry, because otherwise the CRUCH is not in a position to pass a judgment in support of the reform of the higher education system ”, he declared. Valley.


Valle added that the lack of definition, ambiguity and probably differences between the various actors that make up the government are influencing the lack of a clear proposal on financing higher education. He pointed out that so far the different universities have not been able to make the new project for a higher education system known to their respective communities, because the government's proposal is not yet known. However, "all schools have ways of calling their collegiate bodies to publicize the proposals that we may receive, hopefully in the coming days from the government," Valle said.


For her part, the president of FEUSACH, Marta Matamala, once the meeting concluded, said that “we have made a common diagnosis with the rectors, since there is a nuisance among students, rectors and workers of higher education, because the reform does not it only does not give in the width, but there is a lack of programmatic points that are not contained and this approach that has been had with the CRUCH goes along the same lines, in being able to work on common themes, but above all things in understanding what communities are organized those that should put issues on the MINEDUC agenda and not just be waiting for their drafts, "argued the student leader.


The meeting, held at the CRUCH offices, was also attended by the president of the FECH, Camila Rojas, who explained that “gratuity does not solve the great problems of education in Chile, therefore it seems to us a very partial solution to what we have been demanding all these years ”. For this reason, he called for discussion of substantive issues, such as financing, democracy, working conditions, "fundamental issues that have not been present in the discussion about the reform in higher education," he stressed.


Regarding the points of agreement between CRUCH and CONFECH, the rector Aldo Valle mentioned the need to establish a dialogue between rectors, academic communities, students and student organizations and, therefore, they agreed to work proposing to their respective plenaries the realization of a encounter in the next few months. “We believe that it is very important that students and academic communities, who represent the principals, have a common voice in this. The country requires a new system of higher education, however, we still do not see it shine in the minutes on the reform, "said the executive vice president of the Council of Rectors.


Invitation to march

Within the framework of this meeting, the rectors received a formal invitation from CONFECH to join the call to march on April 21. "We made them an invitation to make them participate in the mobilization, since we are interested that that day university communities can participate in their entirety, that is, that both students and workers have facilities to march and that the rectors can be part of it" , said Camila Rojas, President of the FECH. In this regard, the rector Valle thanked the student leaders for the invitation and added that "we have made it known to all the rectors and we will evaluate it at the next CRUCH meeting set for Monday, April 18."


Source: CRUCH Communications Area, April 12, 2016