The PUCV held a meeting of international relations offices of Chilean universities

 In order to publicize the work that is being carried out within the International Relations Department of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso and share, among the attending universities, the tasks of the work, the successful experiences and, above all, the good practices exercised by each institution, a meeting was held to exchange good practices of the international offices.

 During the day, in addition to the International Management team, directors, coordinators of student mobility and international programs, delegates and program managers from the Federico Santa María, Duoc UC, Universidad de la Frontera, Universidad de Valparaíso, Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana attended , Universidad de la Serena, Universidad de Talca, Universidad del Biobío and the Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences. Also present were the person in charge of studies of the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities (CRUCH) Mariana González and representatives of the sectorial brand LearnChile.



During the working days, and according to what is stipulated in the program, the International Relations office presented the work of its House of Study and the Directorate in terms of internationalization. More detailed presentations were also made of the different areas present in the PUCV such as the International Student Exchange Program (PIIE), the Student Mobility Program (PME), International Cooperation, Communications and marketing and the readership of the German Service Exchange (DAAD).


The director of the International Relations Directorate, Marcos Avilez, along with welcoming the attendees, commented that, as a team, they were very happy at the possibility of sharing with directors, coordinators and colleagues from universities with which they maintain a friendship relationship, in addition to the possibility of establishing a conversation about what is being done in each institution in order to be recognized within the scope of internationalization. Likewise, Avilez added that there are already plans to repeat this activity in the near future.


“For us, as a team, it has been a very valuable exercise to be able to share with you. On the one hand, we have had to pause and, to a certain extent, systematize the large amount of information that is handled based on work routines. This has allowed us to review the information and name the routines, which will lead us to recognize if the working methods are adequate in order to improve and contribute to our organization and its divisions ”, he declared.


For their part, the attendees praised the initiative carried out by the Directorate, agreeing that the issues raised during the seminar were extremely interesting, considering what internationalization means and what role the international relations departments play in research and international collaboration at the country level.


According to the above, the person in charge of studies of the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities (CRUCH), Mariana González, declared “I would like to thank all of you, since thanks to the information provided, you triggered many questions. I also appreciate your time and dedication. I am impressed, both by the size of the team and by the consolidation and experience we have ”. Similarly, and on behalf of CRUCH, the delegate commented that these are very important instances, among Chilean universities, to generate learning spaces considering that all institutions have different levels of development.


Likewise, Antonia Espinoza, from the Universidad de la Frontera, said that she was grateful and surprised that the DRI of the PUCV considers its work from a generous perspective. Alluding that the excellent work done by the management of our university is reflected in the work exhibited.


Source: Directorate of International Relations PUCV, January 20, 2016.