Rector Aldo Valle: "289,444 people registered for the PSU reflect the reliability of the CRUCH admission system"

 On the first day of the PSU's surrender, authorities from the Council of Rectors, Mineduc and the University of Chile visited the Eliodoro García Zegers Industrial School in the Santiago commune.


Santiago, 30 November 2015. From the early hours of this morning, students began to arrive at the Eliodoro García Zegers Industrial High School in the Santiago commune, on the first day of the University Selection Tests (PSU). Until said establishment came the Vice President of the Council of Rectors and rector of the University of Valparaíso, Aldo Valle; the Minister of Education (s), Valentina Quiroga; the rector of the University of Chile, Ennio Vivaldi; the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of the University of Chile, Rosa Devés; and the Director of DEMRE (Department of Evaluation, Measurement and Educational Registry of the University of Chile) Leonor Varas.

For the rector Valle, the 289,444 people registered to take the PSU in this process reflects the reliability of the Single Admission System of the Council of Rectors. In this regard, he emphasized that “it is a reliable, transparent and public admission system, in which we make a national effort, because we want merit, effort and talent to finally be the only thing that enters each room. in which this test will be taken and for each student equally; There is, perhaps, no public event that summons the Chilean youth in this way ”. Currently, 33 universities participate in the Single Admission System of the Council of Rectors (25 CRUCH universities and 8 private universities attached since 2011).

On the other hand, Aldo Valle highlighted the work of DEMRE of the University of Chile, an organization that, by mandate of the Council of Rectors, administers the admission process. "This is a professionally developed process with an admirable character on the part of DEMRE," he said.

For her part, the Minister of Education (s), Valentina Quiroga, said that "we are here as a ministry, together with the rectors of CRUCH, monitoring the normality of this process that is taking place at the national level." In addition, he recalled that it is a process that is in permanent improvement, "to make it increasingly equitable and fair with certain curricular educations such as professional technical education." For this reason, he argued, it is necessary "to complement this evaluation instrument, which is the PSU, with other instruments that are also very important and that are gaining strength, such as the ranking of grades."

PACE program

Regarding the existence of other entry systems to higher education, the rector Aldo Valle highlighted that this year the Program of Accompaniment and Effective Access to Higher Education (PACE) begins in 5 universities of the Council of Rectors (Santiago de Chile, Technical Federico Santa María, from Antofagasta, Católica from Temuco and Católica del Norte). "In this process there are novelties, all of them constructive, since they seek to expand the opportunities for our young people to access higher education, therefore, we want Chilean society to commit and help us so that young people can make the best decisions" said the rector Valle.


PACE was created in the current Government with the purpose of moving towards a more inclusive higher education system in which students have equal opportunities regarding access to higher education. Its pilot phase began in 2014 in five regions, 34 communes and a group of 7,614 high school students from 67 establishments, 90% of which are public.


Therefore, in this 2016 Admission Process, the first generation of the PACE Program will enter Higher Education (More information:


Source: Communications Area Council of Rectors