Strategic objectives, dialogue with rectors, coordination with postgraduate studies, 2016 Budget Law, technology transfer, are some of the topics that brought together the debate and exchange between CRUCH vice-rectors for research at the Universidad Católica del Norte (UCN), Antofagasta headquarters.

With the participation of Rector Jorge Tabilo, the working day of the vice-rectors of research of the Council of Rectors began, who pointed out the importance of the debate that the vice-rectors of research are developing, which will have an impact on the strengthening of science, technology and innovation in the universities of the Council of Rectors.


Designing a strategic plan for the Commission to guide its work has been a main topic this year. The link between the work of this group based on a proper "mandate" of the CRUCH and therefore, the importance of establishing a space for debate with the plenary of the CRUCH on this matter is once again highlighted. Recognizing at the same time, that as VRI there is a task towards the universities and that it would have as a starting point the analysis of research policies, intellectual property and thus “mutually enrich each other” and, secondly, a vision of the national issues related to science, technology and innovation.


The Commission has defined some strategic objectives, such as maintaining permanent dialogue with authorities of the country's science and technology system; contribute in research to the Law of Higher Education and promote the exchange and debate on research policies in CRUCH universities.


A short-term agenda is established (2015):


       I. Hold the 4th VRI Meeting 2015, on Friday, December 11 at PUCV to address the following question: In the context of the Reform, What Alternatives for Science, Technology and Innovation Policies?


Develop an exchange between universities on the research policies of each institution.


     II. Advance in the analysis of the “SCIENCE FOR DEVELOPMENT” REPORT, especially in terms of institutions and strategies for strengthening science and technology.


    III. Present to the Executive Committee of CRUCH an analysis of the 2016 SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY BUDGET Law.