With Success and High Announcement IV International Postgraduate Conference of CRUCH Universities culminate

 Meeting was inaugurated by Aldo Valle Vice President of the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities (CRUCH) and the rector of the University of Chile Ennio Vivaldi. In its two days duration, this activity had as its central axis of analysis the challenges posed by postgraduate and doctoral development today, with a view to achieving better integration and new alliances between universities to achieve a supra-regional model with high quality standards. that ensures comprehensive training of excellence from the hand of the internationalization.


"In my capacity as Vice President of the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities (CRUCH), it is an honor to greet you at the beginning of these international postgraduate conferences aimed at reflecting on our responsibility and the challenge posed by postgraduate training", Rector Aldo Valle said when participating in the opening ceremony of the fourth version of the International Postgraduate Conference that took place at the headquarters of the University of Chile between September 29 and 30, an activity that had the participation of international exhibitors from high-level universities such as the University of Toulouse France, University of London, University of Heidelberg Germany, National University of the Argentine Coast and University of the Republic of Uruguay.

In his intervention, the rector Valle recalled that the universities of the Council of Rectors have been pioneers in the country in postgraduate training from the 1960s onwards, "which began first at the University of Chile and at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile today extends throughout the entire country, in each region according to its specific areas of development and capacities that the same universities have reached, promoting high-level doctoral and postgraduate training programs, ”he specified.


The words of welcome to the attendees of this meeting were given by the rector of the University of Chile Ennio Vivaldi, who recognized the great contribution to the country's education that instances of dialogue and debate represent, such as the one held at the International Conference on Postgraduate. The Rector Ennio Vivaldi also said that the CRUCH is an institution that has made great efforts to contribute with a development in the intellectual field and in a projection to a society that welcomes the contents that have to do with knowledge, technological development, social and technological empowerment. The rector Vivaldi, who also chairs the CUECH, pointed out that when one approaches the postgraduate degree there is a question of intellectual honesty that says that “excellence is absolutely essential to give the students who trust in the programs a training that is on the frontier of knowledge. globally, if we did not do so, we would not be acting loyally in the field of both knowledge and society, we believe that it is critical today to think that Latin American and Chilean universities in particular, have to be on the frontier of knowledge, "he stated. the rector of the University of Chile.


The need to strengthen joint work aimed at generating relevant and realistic alliances between universities to strengthen doctoral training was a central theme of the interventions of both rectors, also positioning this issue as the central axis of the discussion that was addressed in the two days of duration of these International Days. “In this last period, the universities seek to associate with each other and establish new international agreements and respond to local needs for productive, social and cultural development. There has been a great effort by the universities to promote postgraduate training in our country, with some public support instruments to sustain this impulse over time ”, explained the rector Aldo Valle. But, despite having Conicyt scholarship programs and some MECESUP competitive projects, "there have not yet been systematic development policies with a strategic sense for the training of doctors and postgraduate training in the country," said Valle.


International Conference

Dr. Ximena García Postgraduate Director of the University of Concepción and President of the Postgraduate Advisory Commission of the Council of Rectors began the program planned for these International Conference, for about 30 minutes she explained to the attendees about the evolution that they have achieved doctoral studies at CRUCH universities.


Then came the look at how postgraduate training is articulated in the participating foreign universities, where the attendees were able to learn about the work carried out by the doctoral training centers of the University of Toulouse in France and the University of Goldsmith in London.


The support provided by governments through scholarships and maintenance so that students can access the different education programs, also marked the debate of the activity, highlighting in this area the entry system that Uruguay has where the University of the Republic It is autonomous and free of charge for postgraduate, doctoral and some master's degrees. Although the system of support to finance postgraduate development varies according to the country and the university, the prevailing method of financing the student and not the institution of higher education was the subject of debate, “to finance individuals and not the Institution in public education is a mistake, the difference is made between the house of study and the student, this does not improve the system, we must make urgent changes in this regard ”, explained the speaker Oscar Loureda from the University of Heidelberg, Germany.


On the other hand, increasing the level of cooperation between universities is essential, there are active and growing networks such as the Network of Doctoral Programs AUGM that precisely go in this line of work, "it is urgent to achieve a unique system in the region for training postgraduate and doctoral studies, that is the goal, it is the completely pertinent illusion ”, explained the speaker Daniel Comba from the Universidad Nacional del Litoral Argentina, specifying that for this, it is extremely important to determine the shared standards of quality and experience. Likewise, work on reducing the obstacles and shortcomings that the system currently has between them, the differences in the accreditation systems, the little flexibility for mobility in topics such as research, among others.


In this matter, the Vice President of CRUCH recognized that we have a lot to advance, there is a horizon with new challenges and these are more complex and the universities "will not be able to address them in isolation, the greatest and most attentive relationship is required." Valle said that CRUCH universities have this task due to their tradition of public service and their conception of higher education, "we are directly challenged to respond to this need of national urgency." If the public policies of the State have not yet given the appropriate responses, "it does not exempt us, neither the rectors, nor the universities from public priority, we are faced with more and demanding challenges" and this space that is generated around The IV International Conference is a new opportunity to generate relevant and realistic alliances between universities ”, for this reason he announced that the CHUCH will be attentive to build a new agenda for postgraduate development, where the bases of the agendas must emerge from the debate”, he specified .


The international exhibitors participating in this IV International Postgraduate Conference were Hélène Roux de Balmann University of Toulouse, France; Derval Tubridy Goldsmiths, University of London, Great Britain; Oscar Loureda University of Heidelberg, Germany; Dr. Alvaro Maglia University of the Republic, Uruguay; Daniel Alberto Comba, National University of the Litoral, Argentina.



The IV version of the International Conference also contemplated the active participation of some Postgraduate Directors of the CRUCH universities, who contributed to the analysis of the challenges faced by the training of doctoral students in Latin America, raising among them a better association and the necessary internationalization.


To relate the experiences of doctoral training in an international perspective, its relationship with engineering innovation and the strategic link between doctoral training with productive sectors of wide demand such as wood, was the task of the exhibitors representing the La Frontera University of Temuco, the University of Chile and the University of Concepción with their doctorate in forestry sciences.

Likewise, the attendees learned what to do and the offer of the Doctoral Colleges that the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile carries out thanks to the intervention of Dr. Jani Brouwer where she mentioned the challenge involved in promoting policies and mechanisms to facilitate curricular flexibility, interdiscipline and internationalization. In addition to pointing out the new projects that are being worked on, such as tutorial teaching and the Graduate School.


The activity concluded with an instance of analysis of the attendees, within the framework of an entertaining and spontaneous debate that was generated around identifying the challenges in which the Postgraduate Advisory Commission of the Universities of the Council of Rectors will work in the medium term , tending to further strengthen the links between universities to act as a solid international network of postgraduate and doctoral education. In this instance, time was given for the questions of the attendees to the speakers and also to those who participated in that last panel in the front, among them, who coordinated the entire meeting María Teresa Marshall Executive Director of the Council of Rectors; Daniel Alberto Comba Director of Postgraduate Studies at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina; Alicia Salomone Postgraduate Director of the University of Chile and Iris Danowsky of the HRK (Conference of Rectors of Germany).


Among the exhibitors from CRUCH universities were Dr. Jani Brouwer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica; Dr. Luis Salazar from the Universidad de la Frontera; Dr. Regis Teixeira from the University of Concepción and Rafael Epstein from the University of Chile.


Previous Agenda

International exhibitors from the IV International Conference together with some Postgraduate Directors from CRUCH universities met in a meeting prior to the IV Postgraduate Conference. The meeting, which lasted for about two hours, was a propitious opportunity to make known who makes up the Council of Rectors and how their respective lines of action work. For their part, the international guests explained how higher education is articulated in their respective countries, pointing out the wide gap that exists in the percentages of postgraduate, doctorate and master's degrees according to the universities and the different countries. Outlining the difference that exists in emerging countries in the region in this matter such as Ecuador, Colombia or Peru and countries such as Germany, where, for example, the University of Heidelberg in Germany reaches 7072 doctorates and about 1200 theses are defended each year.

Although the differences are important, there was a common objective in the universities of the Council of Rectors and the international universities participating in the IV Postgraduate Conference to promote integration through an academic policy based on supra-regional models with a view to an internalization of doctoral education with high quality standards and comprehensive training of excellence according to the new demands of today's society.


This meeting was attended by Hélène Roux de Balmann University of Toulouse, France; Derval Tubridy Goldsmiths, University of London, Great Britain; Oscar Loureda University of Heidelberg, Germany; Dr. Alvaro Maglia University of the Republic, Uruguay; Daniel Alberto Comba, National University of the Litoral, Argentina; Dra. Jani Brouwer, P. Universidad Católica de Chile; Eduardo Guiñes University of Antofagasta; María Teresa Marshall Executive Director of the Governing Council; Juan Carlos Retamal Director of the Postgraduate School of the University of Santiago; Cecilia Collado University of Concepción; Alicia Salomone Postgraduate Director U. de Chile; Iris Danowsky and Mariana González Studies Area Council of Rectors.


More information about the IV International Postgraduate Conference on the mini website http://www.consejoderectores.cl/jornadas_internacionales/index.php