CRUCH welcomes the new rectors of the Universities of Aysén and O'Higgins who join this entity

-In the framework of its monthly session, the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities (CRUCH) delivered words of support and welcome to the rectors of the two new public universities. The rector Roxana Pey of the University of Aysén and Rafael Correa rector of the University of O'Higgins expressed their commitment and enthusiasm to carry out the task of forming both regional houses of study, responding to a commitment to the community and higher education .

-New public universities are created at a crucial moment for Chilean education in the wake of a Reform of the Higher Education System where the bet is that more young people have access to free and quality higher education.

(Santiago, September 24, 2015) “Within the framework of today's session we have welcomed to the Council of Rectors the two new rectors of the new state universities, Roxana Pey rector of the University of Aysén and Rafael Correa of the University of O'Higgins, we consider this beginning of the new Chilean universities very relevant at such a crucial moment for Chilean higher education, where we are waiting for how substantive changes such as gratuity will be implemented, "said Vice President of the Council of Rectors Aldo Valle to the press that covered the monthly CRUCH session held on September 24 in Santiago. 

The rector Rafael Correa said he was tremendously enthusiastic and optimistic about the task of directing this new educational institution, “it is the first time in the history of Chile that two public universities are created from scratch and they are regional, this is a project that excites the region and it is tremendously important for the government, I am optimistic about this challenge and I trust that we will have the necessary resources to carry it out, "he added.

For her part, the rector Roxana Pey explained that the Aysén community looked forward to the creation of this university, understanding the fundamental role that universities play for the development of the territory. Although, he announced that it will take time to start this new institution in a complex territory such as Aysén with great challenges of isolation and high  rurality,  The community is very active and very alert to the launch of this new public university, “as a new state university of Aysén we join the tradition of the Council of Rectors, as a new institution, but also collecting its tradition of pluralism and intellectual diversity, we know that we have the support of the CRUCH, that is how we have felt it on the part of all the rectors and we trust that we will do a good joint work ”, he specified.




Regarding the budget gloss that is being worked on to finance gratuity in 2016,  Rector Aldo Valle explained that although the Ministry of Education has stated that no institution is going to have a detriment or deficit in its income for the 2016 budget as a result of implementing the policy of gratuity, the uncertainty among CRUCH universities persists , "We believe that information is lacking, we are concerned because there are some relevant details of the formula according to which the gratuity is implemented for 2016 that we have not been able to know because important details are missing. For this reason, Valle announced that they agreed with Francisco Martínez, Head of DIVESUP, who was present at the CRUCH session, that he immediately presented the Law to Congress on September 30, in the following days they immediately have a meeting to specify each of those aspects,  not details but structural aspects for the financing of our universities ”, this meeting was scheduled for the week of October 5, giving time for DIVESUP to work on the basis of the determination made by the Executive Power when presenting the budget gloss corresponding to the financing of the gratuity for the year 2016.

When consulted about the DIVESUP announcements in the session, the Vice President of CRUCH said “we would have liked to advance further, but we could not advance further, which seemed necessary to us, however, as the Council of Rectors we delivered all our points of view and we made our differences visible and we trust that the government in the presentation to Congress will act accordingly and accept what we have proposed today, "he said. Although the impacts that the formulas that have been considered so far for gratuity have different for each of the institutions, there is still another stage that has not been carried out, where each institution can with the DIVESUP and with the antecedents budget on the table can clarify these differences on a case-by-case basis.

Quotas and vacancies

On September 24, the academic offer was published, where it is estimated that a total of 79,865 vacancies will be offered by all the 25 universities of the Council of Rectors and the 8 private affiliated that make up the Single Admission System (SUA) for the Admission Process 2016, which represents an increase of 2,75% in total vacancies in the system, compared to last year (77,727 vacancies).

On this subject, the rector Valle said “we have analyzed what is the expansion of the first-year enrollment in CRUCH universities in the last 5 years and DIVESUP agrees that this evolution does not represent any threat to the financing of gratuity in 2016 ”. He acknowledged that there are differences because not all enrollment can be included in any figure or limit percentage, because not all of it will be in the free regime, “universities will also receive many students who will not be covered by free admission, That is why we have said that this limitation that could be established should only be applied to the case of students who enter the free regime and we have also always repeatedly received the commitment of DIVESUP in the sense that new careers would in no case be considered within that limit that could be established for the effective enrollment not with respect to the publication that has been made today  of vacancies and overcrowding, because the evolution and effectiveness of enrollment in each of the institutions  and in regions it also varies so that no conclusion can be anticipated in that ”. For this reason, the Vice President of CRUCH hopes that the schools will not have any difficulties, "the threat or the idea that a greater expansion could take place in our opinion does not exist," he said.


By CRUCH Communications, September 24, 2015.