Public Declaration Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities

 The Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities (CRUCH), in the face of the serious acts of force that have occurred in some university campuses throughout the country, which have even intimidated authorities, academics, officials and students, and have caused damage and theft of property of the institutions, paralysis of teaching and research, severely altering university work, comes in publicly manifesting the most energetic repudiation of such events.

The Council of Rectors respects and promotes the fundamental rights of expression and association. For this reason, it recognizes and values the participation of students in legitimate and responsible organizations. 
However, the rectors and the university communities have been witnesses and affected in recent weeks by acts of unusual violence on some campuses, a situation that has been particularly serious in the Universities of La Frontera and Católica de Temuco. The Council of Rectors, in addition to rejecting them emphatically, declares that these conducts are completely apart from the university spirit, insofar as universities are spaces for dialogue, rational argumentation, democratic culture and citizen training. The “takings” of the campuses, in particular, do not constitute democratic acts, they damage and alter the activities of undergraduate and postgraduate training, research and connection with the environment. 
The Council of Rectors is fully aware that these acts are carried out by minority groups that do not represent the feelings of the university community. For this reason, it expresses that dialogue is not possible when disqualification and force actions that imply coercion of people and damage to the heritage of the university community prevail. These actions, in addition to not legitimizing student demands, harm the nature, mission and social function of the University. 
Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities
July 30, 2015