Vice President CRUCH participates in the inauguration of the Inter-American University Organization seminar held at U de Los Lagos

During the "Andean Countries Mission to Chile" activity, held on June 18 and 19 at the University of Los Lagos, Santiago Campus, Rector Aldo Valle stressed the importance of this type of meeting for the improvement of international relations at universities that make up the Council of Rectors.

Source: U. Los Lagos 

Convened by the Inter-American University Organization-OUI, and under the heading "Doctoral training, research and innovation in universities in Andean Countries: Good practices and creation of new consortiums", it was held this Thursday, June 18 and Friday, June 19, at the University of Los Lagos Campus Santiago, the “Andean Countries Mission to Chile” activity.

The meeting defines the objective of responding to the need to extend relations and promote academic cooperation among Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in America, particularly among the countries that make up the so-called 'Andean region'.

Participating in the opening ceremony were Patricia Gudiño, Executive General Secretary of the Inter-American University Organization-OUI, Aldo Valle, Rector of the University of Valparaíso and Vice President of the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities (CRUCh), and Óscar Garrido, Rector of the University of Los Lagos and Regional Vice President Andean Countries-OUI.

"We have a generation of academics that concludes their contribution to universities in the next 5 years and a very good part of that group has PhDs," said Patricia Gudiño. “We need to carry out an important reflection within the institutions, countries and regions of how many people we have to train at the doctoral level, in what areas, with what resources and how we do a concerted action. In this sense, we consider that in America there is a great opportunity to articulate the universities that demand training with the universities that offer it, in addition to establishing better links between them and the institutes, agencies or government entities that support scholarship programs. The objective here is to facilitate this dialogue, to generate an exchange platform to achieve this goal, ”explained Dr. Gudiño.

For his part, the Rector Aldo Valle stressed the importance of this type of meeting for the improvement of the international relations of the universities that make up the Council of Rectors. “Our participation in the Inter-American University Organization as the Council of Rectors is long-standing, constituting an invaluable experience for many of those who work today as rectors in our universities. The OUI is also a very important platform for the development of the internationalization processes that higher education is experiencing today. Finally, and viewed from a not exclusively academic or institutional perspective, these instances are a very safe path for the development of cooperation between our Andean countries. We must work to improve our cultural, academic and intellectual integration, which is probably the fundamental link in all integration ”, argued Aldo Valle.

"The Council of Rectors celebrates and congratulates this meeting because there is an opportunity for development and growth here for many of our institutions that, probably, we have not known how to take advantage of it in all its magnitude," concluded the Rector of the University of Valparaíso and Vice President of the CRUCh.

For the Rector of the University of Los Lagos and Regional Vice President Andean Countries-OUI, Óscar Garrido, the activity constitutes a good instance to “invite the universities of Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador to discuss and seek spaces for cooperation with Chilean universities. In Chile, the development of postgraduate, doctorate and research is important, however there are aspects that are related to the lack of solidarity to generate effective Latin American integration. I hope that this activity will allow us to establish a platform, objectives and common interests, so that rectors, vice-rectors and representatives of the universities of Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru generate specific demands, and we, from the University of Los Lagos, articulate and work towards that the universities of the Council of Rectors make themselves available and we assume a real role of cooperation with these universities ”.

After the official photograph, the activity continued with the presentations of the panel "Experiences in doctoral training in Andean Countries." The Director of International Relations of the University of Cuenca, Ecuador, María Isabel Eljuri, the Executive Director of the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities, María Teresa Marshall, and the CRUCh Commissioner of the National Accreditation Commission (CNA) of Chile, Victor Cubillos. The panel was moderated by the Director of Postgraduate Studies of the University of Los Lagos, Patrick Puigmal.

When asked about the importance of the meeting, María Teresa Marshall pointed out “this activity allows us to glimpse areas in which it is essential to collaborate between the countries of Latin America. Although today the activity was focused on the doctorate, it is clear that these are not isolated from the research at all, therefore, as Patricia Gudiño pointed out at the beginning, we have to generate shared research agendas, this will allow the cloisters to be convened and look for ways to finance the entire system. In this task, the vision and leadership of Rector Garrido, host of the activity, or Rector Valle, who was present at the inauguration, is fundamental ”.

In the afternoon session, the panel "Scholarship opportunities from Chile" was held. The person in charge of Dissemination of the Advanced Human Capital Training Program of the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT) of Chile, Carla Tossi, and the Head of the Chilean International Cooperation Agency (AGCI), Pablo García, participated. The Director of International Relations of the University of Los Lagos, Julio Crespo, moderated.

The day ended with the development of three 'Exchange Tables' in the areas of engineering, basic sciences and social sciences. They were joined by academics and researchers from the participating universities.

The meeting will resume tomorrow with the panel "Experiences in research and innovation: opportunities for new consortia", it continues with the launch of the book "History of Education in Chile: 16th to 19th centuries", by Luis Celis Muñoz, and ends with the Regional Assembly of members of the IOHE Andean Countries.

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