Agreement between Chile and France will allow mutual recognition of diplomas for continuity of higher studies

Executive Vice President of the Council of Rectors, Aldo Valle, signed the agreement by the CRUCH, together with representatives of the Conference of Presidents of Universities (CPU) and the Conference of Directors of French Schools of Engineers (CDEFI).

The executive vice president of the Council of Rectors, Aldo Valle; the president of the international relations commission of the Conference of University Presidents (CPU), Jacques Comby; and the vice president of the Conference of Directors of French Schools of Engineers (CDEFI), Elisabeth Crépon, signed an agreement to promote cooperation in higher education between Chile and France, on June 9 in Paris, France.


The objective of the "Agreement on mutual recognition of studies and diplomas for the continuation of higher studies", which was signed in the context of the program of President Michelle Bachelet's tour to Europe, is to motivate the mobility and exchange of students from both countries, facilitating the possibility of continuing their studies in the other country. In this way, it is proposed to “define a frame of reference to favor the validation of the periods of studies of university higher education in the country of origin, facilitate their continuity in an institution of the partner country, respecting the principle of autonomy of the institutions of French and Chilean higher education ”.


The agreement, which has a duration of four years, is valid for the twenty-five universities of the Council of Rectors and all the institutions that are part of the CPU and the CDEFI in France. It can be applied to those who have a diploma or to those who have graduated or graduated from one of the higher education institutions recognized in the agreement, as well as to students from both countries who have completed periods of study in the country of origin, although have not completed them. In the latter case, the institution that receives the student will determine the programs and levels of training that can be accessed. 

The agreement recognizes the previous ties of cooperation and exchange between Chile and France (agreements of 1962, 1999 and 2009), so that "it contributes to complement and deepen the bilateral relations between both countries," explained the Executive Director of CRUCH, María Teresa Marshall.



Scope of the agreement

Under the agreement, Chilean students of different levels of education will be able to study in French institutions. For example, if a student has a Secondary Education license, they will be able to enter the first year of higher studies, and if they have a 'Baccalaureate', 'Superior Technician' or 'University Level Technician' degree, they may be admitted to the programs of training leading to the degree of 'License'. Meanwhile, a student who has a 'Bachelor's degree', can access university studies as a 'Master' and, if he already has this degree, he can request his registration to the 'Doctorat'.


On the other hand, to enter the 'engineer' cycle of French institutions to grant the title of 'Ingénieur diplomé', Chilean students must certify at least three years of studies in a career whose duration is at least 10 semesters leading to a 'Bachelor' or a 'Professional Title'.


In the case of French students who wish to study at one of the universities of the Council of Rectors, the conditions will be similar. 

In both cases, higher education institutions reserve the right to define the degrees, levels of training and examination results required for a student to be authorized to enroll and carry out university studies at their institution.