Board of Rectors announces 2016 Admission dates and adjustments to Grade Ranking

The registration period for the PSU will begin next Monday, June 15 and will run until Friday, July 31, through the DEMRE website. The tariff is $28,790.


The adjustments to the calculation formula of the Ranking of Notes will allow to capture with greater precision the educational trajectory of the students during High School. 

In 2016, 5 new races will be taught. Of the 1,404 races that remain from the previous process, the 90.7% presents exactly the same weightings, and a 94.7% maintains the weighting Ranking of last year.

The alternate executive vice president of the Council of Rectors, rector Diego Durán, together with the director of the Single Admission System, Angélica Bosch, and the Director of the Department of Evaluation, Measurement and Educational Registration (DEMRE) of the University of Chile, Leonor Varas, disclosed the enrollment period for the PSU, the weightings that each university assigned to their careers and the adjustments to the formula for the Ranking of Notes for this Admission Process 2016.

The rector Durán presented the official documents of the 2016 Admission Process, “Norms and Important Aspects of the 2016 Admission Process” and the “Preliminary Offer of Careers and Weights”, highlighting that they contain relevant information so that students participate in the process adequately . Both publications are available in digital format and can be downloaded from the website of the Single Admission System of the Council of Rectors ( and DEMRE (

Regarding the calendar of the 2016 Admission Process, the director of DEMRE, Leonor Varas, reported that the registration period for the PSU will begin next Monday, June 15 and will run until Friday, July 31. "To register, students can do so through the platform enabled on the DEMRE website," explained the director. The fee is $28,790, but IV Middle students of Municipal and Private Subsidized establishments can apply for the Junaeb Scholarship for the PSU in the same registration.

The surrender of the PSU will be on Monday, November 30 and Tuesday, December 1, while the results will be delivered on Sunday, December 27 at 8:00 in the morning. From that same day (at 9:00 a.m.) until Thursday, December 31 (1:00 p.m.), the application stage will take place, which this year will have an additional day compared to last year.

The results of the applications will be announced on Sunday, January 10 at 11:00 p.m. and the enrollment period will begin the following day. Between Monday 11 and Wednesday 13 January 2016 the first stage is contemplated and, between Thursday 14 and Wednesday 20 January, the second stage of enrollment.

Races and Weightings
From the publication "Preliminary Offer of Careers and Weightings" it should be noted that in 2016, the 25 CRUCH universities and the 8 private ones attached to the Admission System, will teach 1,409 careers, 5 of which are new.

Of the 1,404 races that remain from the previous process, the 90.7% presents exactly the same weightings (NEM - Ranking - PSU battery), and the 94.7% (1,330) shows the same weighting of the Ranking of Notes. Of those careers that change, 48 increase their Ranking weighting and 26 decrease. According to the director of the Single Admission System, Angélica Bosch, “there is a lot of stability in the academic offer compared to the previous process.

On average, the universities that increase the weighting the most in Ranking are the University of Atacama (13%), University of Magallanes (6.3%) and the University of Valparaíso (2.8). Meanwhile, the Universidad Mayor decreases the weighting of the Ranking by an average 4.7%, the Metropolitan Technological University by 0.4% and the Alberto Hurtado University by 0.3%.

Thus, a total of 333 races set their Grade Ranking weight at 40%, 6 races at 35%, 71 races at 30%, 133 races at 25%, 464 races at 20%, 100 races at 15% and 297 races at 10%. According to the preliminary offer, the system will offer 1,409 races.

The “Final Offer of Careers, Vacancies and Weightings” will be published on September 24 and it is estimated that it will not present significant variations.

Adjustments to Note Ranking formula
As announced by the Council of Rectors in August of last year, from the current process adjustments will be made to the calculation formula of the Ranking of Notes, with the aim of capturing with greater precision the different educational contexts in which a student could have completed High School. "This allows a more precise evaluation of student performance in their educational context, which is consistent with the spirit of this mechanism," said the alternate executive vice president of CRUCH, rector Diego Durán.

It should be remembered that until the last process the educational context of the student was represented only by the establishment of IV Middle graduation, but from now on, the different environments will be considered. As exemplified by Matías Grau, researcher at the CRUCH Single Admission System Study Area, “if the student stayed from I to IV Middle in establishment 'A', it will be considered an educational context. Meanwhile, if it was in I and II in establishment 'A' and, later, in III and IV, in establishment 'B', two educational contexts will be considered. In this case, the student's final ranking score is obtained by averaging the ranking scores in each of the educational contexts, and the relative weight of each score will depend on the number of years studied (and approved) by the student in that context ”.

Students who stayed in the same establishment during their High School will obtain the same Ranking Score as with the previous formula.



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Rules and Important Aspects of the Admission Process

Preliminary List of Careers and Weightings