Recognition and assessment at the beginning of a new financing regime in Higher Education

PUBLIC STATEMENT, Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities, CRUCH

In its session on May 28, 2015, the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities has unanimously agreed to publicly express its recognition and appreciation at the beginning of a new financing regime in Higher Education that reverses decades of predominance of a logic of free market with enormous costs for individuals and families.


The presidential announcement made on May 21 is a very positive signal for Chilean society as a whole, in particular, for students from the most vulnerable families who must pay, either directly or by borrowing, for their Higher Education. We understand and trust that this announcement signifies an irreversible commitment on the part of the State so that all those who are in a condition of vulnerability can access this free system, which will clearly contribute to social inclusion.


We know that this is a first step that corresponds to a great effort of the State, which will be implemented progressively in the coming years and that it constitutes, without a doubt, a valuable response to the demand for free Higher Education, which, in addition, will contribute to improve the development conditions of the Universities.


We acknowledge and appreciate this announcement, because until a few years ago it was difficult to imagine that the State of Chile and its government would commit itself, as it has done, so that everyone can access that fundamental right that is Higher Education.