CRUCH and the French delegation establish lines of action to sign a university cooperation and exchange agreement

Executive Vice President of CRUCH, Aldo Valle, along with Alternate Vice President, Diego Durán, held a working meeting with the French delegation, in which the French Ambassador to Chile was also present. 

The executive vice president of CRUCH, rector Aldo Valle, and the alternate vice president, rector Diego Durán, held a working meeting with a French government delegation together with members of the French Embassy in Chile, with the purpose of analyzing two cooperation agreements and university exchange between both countries.


One of the initiatives seeks to establish an agreement for the recognition of diplomas, in the perspective of continuity of studies between Chile and France; the other is aimed at favoring the mobility of engineering students in a reciprocal framework. 


Both the executive vice president and the alternate vice president of CRUCH, expressed their agreement to establish these agreements between the Council of Rectors and French university organizations. The signing of these would take place next June, on the occasion of President Michelle Bachelet's visit to France.


Cooperation projections 


At the meeting, on behalf of the French Embassy in Chile, the Ambassador, Marc Giacomini; the Councilor for Cooperation, Patrick Bosdure; and the Scientific and University Cooperation Attaché, Ingrid Chanefo. Meanwhile, the delegation was made up of representatives of the French Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research -Nicolas Marques and Béatrice Khaiat-; by a representative of the Conference of Rectors of French Universities (CPU), Thierry Valentin; by a member of the Conference of the Directors of University Technological Institutes (ADIUT), Ronald Guillen; and by the Director of the National Higher School of Education for the training of teachers and education professionals (ESEN), Jean-Marie Panazol.


The Ambassador of France in Chile, Marc Giacomini, stressed that "these scientific and academic exchanges between France and Chile are fundamental for the young people of both countries." He also pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the existing instruments and use them effectively "not only for university agreements but also for the bilateral relationship."