Academic Vice-Rectors of CRUCH meet to analyze quality assurance and the admission system

The executive vice president of CRUCH, rector Aldo Valle, began the analysis workshop “Debates on quality and admission to higher education”.

 At the meeting, representatives of the Ministry of Education, the Inter-American Development Center (CINDA, the CRUCH Admission System and the National Accreditation Commission) spoke. 

The academic vice-rectors of the universities of the Council of Rectors met in the Council Room of the Law School of the University of Valparaíso with the aim of analyzing the current approaches to improve the quality assurance systems of higher education and higher education. situation of the CRUCH admission system, in the context of the reform of Higher Education.
The executive vice president of the Council and rector of the University of Valparaíso, Aldo Valle, welcomed the attendees of the workshop entitled “Debates on quality and admission to higher education”, which was convened by the executive director of CRUCH, María Teresa Marshall. 
After the initial greetings, the "Dialogue on a new quality assurance system" was held in the morning, with presentations by Roxana Pey and Francisco Durán, from the Higher Education Division of the Ministry of Education; María José Lemaitre, from the Inter-American Development Center (CINDA), and José Miguel Salazar, director of the UV Academic Division. On the occasion, the president of the National Accreditation Commission, Alfonso Muga, also intervened. In the afternoon session, the executive director of the CRUCH Single Admission System, Angélica Bosch, made a presentation about “Challenges in the admission system”.
Discussion for upcoming changes 
On the occasion, the director of the Academic Division of the UV, José Miguel Salazar, highlighted the importance of the meeting, because “we really began to discuss the reform that the government is designing on quality issues and also those aspects that change regarding admission processes. It is the first time that all the vice-rectors of CRUCH meet to discuss these issues (…) and it is the basis for starting a discussion that I think the country needs ”.
The president of the National Accreditation Commission, Alfonso Muga, appreciated the meeting and the possibility of dialogue, especially considering "the changes that are coming in terms of institutions and definitions of quality issues." Regarding admission to universities, Muga pointed out that “it may be conditioned by quality issues, but insofar as it is linked to an institutional development project. If an institution is clear about what lies ahead, indisputably the steps it is taking with respect to its vacancies and new careers, it must be in its planning and its future vision ”.