Germany decorated rector Álvaro Rojas

Academic authority received the Officer Cross of the Order of Merit from the German Ambassador, Hans-Henning Blomeyer-Bartenstein.

"We honor you, an outstanding academic, politician and representative of Chile in Germany, who with great personal commitment has continually interceded in favor of bilateral scientific cooperation."


With these words, the German ambassador, Hans-Henning Blomeyer-Bartenstein, began the ceremony in which the European nation presented the Official Cross of the Order of Merit to the rector of the University of Talca, Álvaro Rojas.


Before a crowded audience among which was the president of the Board of Directors of UTALCA, Jorge Awad, the rector of the University of Valparaíso and vice president of the Council of Rectors Professor Aldo Valle, the rector of the University of Chile, Professor Ennio Vivaldi and the rector of the Universidad Católica del Maule, Professor Diego Durán. The senior diplomat recalled the historical closeness that Rojas has had with his country, first, as a student at the German High School and then, as a professional, in his role as a doctoral student.


“Back in Chile, he did not miss any opportunity to incorporate his knowledge of the German university world to the deepening of scientific cooperation between both countries, either as rector of the University of Talca, as head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for scientific relations between Chile and Germany or as president of the International Commission of the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities ”, he explained.


Along with listing the series of achievements obtained thanks to Rojas' management, Blomeyer-Bartenstein also highlighted that “at present, we can also rely on his experience regarding the reform of the educational system in Chile: we know that his voice counts in the unions specific to the Ministry of Education ”.


In thanking the award, the rector pointed out that his ties with the German nation, its culture and institutions, transcend the personal level. "" It has been my task to make it available not only to my university, but also to the national university system and binational scientific cooperation, "he said.


“The doors that have been opened make it possible for hundreds of young people, scientists from both nations, to feel like peers from the same community, on the same path; enhance science, increase the quality of bilateral work and make our nations more developed and just, "said Rojas.