President of the Conference of Rectors of Germany meets with CRUCH authorities

Dr. Horst Hippler, president of the Conference of Rectors of Germany (HRK) met with authorities of the Council of Rectors, as part of a visit organized by the CRUCH in which he also spoke with other actors of the system such as the head of the Divesup, the president of Conicyt and student leaders. 

During a two-day visit to Chile, Dr. Horst Hippler, president of the Conference of Rectors of Germany, met with authorities of the Council of Rectors for a dialogue on prospects for academic collaboration between both institutions. At the meeting, which was led from CRUCH by the rector of the Universidad Católica del Maule, Diego Durán, they discussed the possibilities of strengthening cooperation between the universities of both countries. For this purpose, a document of agreement will be signed to promote research, academic exchange at the doctoral level and a greater dialogue on institutionalism in higher education. 

Dr. Hippler appreciated the meeting with Cruch authorities and pointed out that appointments between rectors' conferences should be held from time to time, in order to "define the framework" under which academics from both countries will interact. He was also very interested in the reform process that our country will undergo in higher education. "I think it is good that the government is convinced that it must incorporate resources into education and research," he said.

Meeting with authorities and students

In addition to the agenda with the Council of Rectors, the president of HRK met with the head of the Higher Education Division, Francisco Martínez, with whom he spoke about the reform that the government intends to carry out in Higher Education. The government official expressed his interest in receiving support in relation to technical education, given that Germany is strong in this area. Dr. Hippler also met with the student leaders gathered at Confech, Ricardo Sande, from the Catholic University, Valentina Quiroga from the University of Chile and Marta Matamala, from the University of Santiago. In this instance, those present discussed the challenges that Chilean universities face in the reform and the students expressed their vision of the changes. After this meeting, the president of HRK ended his public activities with an appointment with the president of Conicyt, Francisco Brieva.