The CRUCH International Relations Commission meets at the Universidad de la Frontera in Temuco and defines future lines of work

With the purpose of defining strategies and priority lines for the year that begins, this conference of the International Relations Commission of the Council of Rectors was held.

With the presence of the Rector Sergio Bravo, this meeting was opened, who emphasized the relevance of the internationalization of higher education in the universities of the Council of Rectors. The rector highlighted the importance of reciprocity in the field of international relations, showing how this has been a pillar to advance in research and postgraduate excellence, especially in academic collaboration with Brazilian universities. At the same time, he affirmed that in order to advance in internationalization strategies, networking is essential. Finally, he urged the participants to consider the cross-cutting nature of this network and therefore call on academics and researchers to this reflection and to this strategy.


The work agenda of the day focused on analyzing new opportunities for collaboration with Canada, especially in postgraduate studies with the CALDO group, in student mobility through ELAP scholarships and in agreements with AUCC for the development of study projects on the internationalization at CRUCH universities. At the same time, the scope of the visit of the Council of Rectors to the universities of Great Britain, agreed for the end of next April, was defined.


In relation to future projects, the plan was presented to participate in an ERASMUS + project which will be oriented to the development of capacities in the international relations departments and in the promotion of a mobility program in the Andean region.


Within the framework of the conference it was possible to share information on the lines of work of the IOHE, especially about a program of academic visits to Canada and universities in the Andean region.


In terms of results, several lines of work were agreed; in the first place, to maintain a calendar of conferences during this year, the contents of which will be defined based on a consultation with the international relations directorates. Second, to advance in the development of a study on the state of internationalization of CRUCH universities; thirdly, to promote the development of internships between universities with different levels of development in the international arena; and finally enriching the information in the bulletin through good practices developed by the various universities.


At the end of this day, the participants thanked the organization of the Universidad de La Frontera, especially Martha Ramírez, director of the international unit.