CRUCH participates in the SIEM 2014 International Conference, Brighton UK

The Council of Rectors has participated in the international conference Services for International Education Marketing Conference 2014 (SIEM) organized by the British Council focused on the Internationalization of education in the 

With the motivation of strengthening collaboration networks and promoting the internationalization of the universities of the Council of Rectors and thanks to the invitation issued by the British Council, the Council of Rectors had the opportunity to participate in one of the largest marketing conferences in education international.

The meeting was held in the city of Brighton between December 10 and 11. The conference was attended by more than 550 delegates from the British Council and 90 speakers, which included representatives from UK universities and various entities linked to education. The event was attended by fifty countries.

The SIEM conference offers an international platform for sharing information regarding various countries of interest to the UK across many educational providers in a global sense. As such, it is an important forum for networking and exchange aimed at addressing the current challenges of international education in the UK.

Sessions included panel discussions, research presentations, perspectives, and ongoing experiences around the world. In a two-day program, SIEM 2014 addressed various topics such as the mobility of international students in undergraduate and graduate degrees; the skills required for employability appropriate to the local and global context; the perspectives and challenges for current international education.

Within the framework of the internationalization of higher education, for the United Kingdom, Chile has aroused growing interest in recent years. Reason why the Council of Rectors was invited to present a general profile of the country in the field of higher education. The CRUCH - represented by its head of studies Mariana González - participated in a panel with Latin American representatives from Colombia and Peru with the aim of presenting the country in general and the important role of CRUCH universities in this context. The current challenges in the field of doctoral training in Chile were also raised. The instance allowed to share with universities in the United Kingdom and inquire about future collaborations in this area with British partners.

In general terms, the participation of the Council of Rectors was a valuable opportunity of great interest in the perspective of international education and in particular constitutes an initiative that complements the ongoing agenda promoted by the CRUCH whose objective is to establish collaborations between the Universities and their British peers in the field of joint doctoral research and training.