Council of Rectors recognizes national scores

With ceremonies at various universities throughout the country, the Council of Rectors honored the national scores of the PSU. In Santiago, the Catholic University received more than 170 young people.

The Council of Rectors, through its universities, recognized the students who obtained a national score in any of the university selection tests. In Santiago, the event was held at the Pontifical Catholic University and brought together more than 170 students, led by the rectors Ignacio Sánchez, Ennio Vivaldi and Jaime Espinosa, in addition to the representatives of the Metropolitan Technological University, Marisol Durán and the University from Santiago, Pedro Palominos.


In this ceremony the students of the Metropolitan Region and the O'Higgins Region were recognized. The latter received the greetings of the Seremi of Education of the Sixth Region, Alyson Hadad.


Ceremony in regions


In Valparaíso, the ceremony was held at the University of Playa Ancha and awarded 10 young people. It was attended by Ricardo Bravo, Mayor of the Valparaíso Region; Omar Jara, Provincial Governor of Valparaíso; Javiera Serrano, Seremi of Education; and the rectors Darcy Fuenzalida (Federico Santa María Technical University), Aldo Valle (UV) and Claudio Elórtegui (PUCV).


Meanwhile, the Austral University recognized five students, in an event that was led by the rector Óscar Galindo.


In the northern zone, the University of Atacama awarded an award to five students. Present at the award were the Rector Dr. Celso Arias Mora, the Mayor Miguel Vargas Correa and the Seremi de Educación Pilar Soto Rivas. The same was done by the Arturo Prat University, in a ceremony headed by the rector Gustavo Soto Bringas and which had the participation of Senator Fulvio Rossi and regional authorities.


In the Seventh Region, the University of Talca honored 21 students, seven national scores and 14 regional ones. The activity was attended by the Seremi of Education, Rigoberto Espinoza, in addition to the pro-rector of the U. de Talca, Pablo Villalobos, and the rector of the UCM, Diego Durán.