Council of Rectors commemorates anniversary with book presentation

With the presence of the Undersecretary of Education, Valentina Quiroga and the presentation of the National Award for Humanities and Social Sciences, Agustín Squella, the anniversary ceremony was held, with the launch of the book "60 years of the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities" . 

The Executive Vice President of the Council of Rectors, Rector Juan Manuel Zolezzi, led, together with the Undersecretary of Education, Valentina Quiroga, the commemorative ceremony of the 60th anniversary of the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities. On the occasion, a book was presented that compiles the work of CRUCH and its universities during these last six decades. 

The event was attended by the rector Juan Manuel Zolezzi, the Undersecretary Valentina Quiroga and the National Prize for Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as the former rector of the University of Valparaíso, Agustín Squella. 

Rector Zolezzi assured that "at a time when higher education is in the public debate, and faced with the expectation of a structural change in the system, we can only reaffirm our commitment to the generation of public goods and excellence" . 

The Undersecretary, meanwhile, pointed out that this historical account is an “invitation -based on this history- to think strategically about the future, which is being built day by day. Since 1954 this institution has played a role in the development of higher education, in the consolidation of the university system and through it, also in the history of our country ”. 

The ceremony ended with the intervention of Agustín Squella, who reviewed the history of the Council, also reflected in his own history, since at various times in his professional career he was linked to CRUCH. Professor Squella recalled the period in which he was rector of the University of Valparaíso between 1990 and 1998. 

Squella pointed out the importance of networking to which the CRUCH institutions aspire, noting that “This book highlights that their universities aspire to constitute a network (…) each piece or part of a network contributes to its formation and existence . The ropes of a net must always be well locked, but locked in the sense of giving greater strength and resistance to the whole and not in the sense of creating difficulties ”. He also assured that the universities and their members “could not, of course, renounce being a relevant part of the look and critical examination that is always the case to have on the country's progress. The cultivation, teaching and dissemination of knowledge, but also of art and culture are the old university tasks, which institutions of this type must carry out with a pluralistic and critical spirit, where pluralism does not only mean diversity, but tolerance to diversity and even more, positive assessment and promotion of diversity ”. 


Commemorative book 

The Council of Rectors published a commemorative book that gives an account of the milestones of the institution and the universities that comprise it in these 60 years, with the collaboration of the 25 schools that are part of it. This publication reviews the history of Cruch from its foundation, through its role in the reform of the sixties, the intervention experienced by the schools in the seventies and the changes to the model of the eighties and nineties. Also, the history of the Single Admission System is related, from the Baccalaureate to the present day, the contributions to innovation of the universities in regions and the scientific milestones that have contributed to the development of the country and that have come from the laboratories of some of the 25 institutions of the Council of Rectors.  

Other activities 

In the framework of the sixty years of the Council of Rectors, the universities carried out a series of activities inside their campuses. In total, a total of 21 activities were carried out and 24 of the 25 study houses belonging to CRUCH participated. 

Among the events, there were concerts, congresses in the area of Medicine and Education, tributes to Cruch in cultural events, seminars on the role of universities in regions, among others. A complete list of the events, in the following link: