SUA researcher presents study of Ranking of Notes in MIDE-UC and Education 2020

The researcher of the Study Area of the Single Admission System, Tomás Larroucau, was recently invited by MIDE-UC (Measurement Center of the Pontifical Catholic University) and Education 2020, to present the results of the study "Effect of the Incorporation of the Ranking of Notes on the Admission Process to Chilean Universities ".

In particular, the research evaluates the effect that different weighting strategies of the Ranking of Notes have on the composition of the students selected in the universities of the Admission System of the Council of Rectors.

It should be remembered that the Grade Ranking was introduced as a selection factor in the 2013 Admission Process, with a fixed weight of 10%. In the following admission process, this criterion was modified and it was established that the High School Notes and the Ranking of Notes should have a minimum weighting of 10% each, being able to reach a maximum of 50% between both, as defined by each university. autonomously.

One of the findings of the study is that the Ranking of Notes does manage to induce a certain degree of gender equity and by socioeconomic level in access to Higher Education.

On the other hand, the study provides evidence that supports the incorporation of measures of relative ability (such as the Ranking of Notes) in the admission systems at the international level, as is the case of some states of the United States (Texas, California and Florida) and from Australia.